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Meet Georgie Neistat – Photos Of Casey Neistat’s Daughter With Wife Candice Pool

Meet Georgie Neistat – Photos Of Casey Neistat’s Daughter With Wife Candice Pool

Casey Owen Neistat, a popular YouTuber in the United States, is the proud father of three children. He has a son named Owen Neistat with Robin Harris, and Candice Pool has two daughters. His oldest daughter, Francine Neistat, was born on December 6, 2014.

Casey Neistat’s daughter Georgie was born on October 14, 2018. Georgie was introduced to us as a fan while still in her mother’s womb. Casey and his wife announced their second child’s arrival on June 7, 2018. So, let’s find out more about Georgie, Casey’s daughter.

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Her First Outing

Georgie has already made an appearance on her father’s YouTube channel, just like her older sister Francine. Casey was present when his wife Candice gave birth to their second daughter, unlike when his first daughter was born. He uploaded images of his wife and newly born baby on Instagram and indicated that his wife and child were doing well.

Georgie, Casey’s youngest daughter. This image comes from Casey’s YouTube channel.

With the birth of his daughter Georgie, Casey assumed the role of protective father as well. Since then, he hasn’t shared any photos or videos of his girlfriends. However, a few images have surfaced, but neither Casey nor his wife, Candice, have released them.

Franny, her sister, gave her the name Watermelon.

Candice Neistat, Casey’s wife, addressed the news that Francine called her unborn kid watermelon in a video released by Casey when he revealed his wife was pregnant. Her older daughter used to ask if Georgie, the unborn kid, was asleep or not and if watermelon needed a play doll. After that, she would stick it to Candice’s belly button.

Moving on, the four-person family is happy and has a comfortable existence. They travel on vacation, and Casey’s kid Owen joins them, which adds to the fun. Casey and his son are incredibly close; in fact, Casey tries to see his son once a week and visits his college frequently whenever he has free time.

Casey is an incredibly proud parent.

Casey had a lot of bad days as a teenager. He moved out of his house when he was fifteen and started living with Robin and her friend. After falling in love with Robin, he married her. After their son, Owen, was born, the couple divorced, and Casey moved to New York. He never let the distance between him and his son Owen, who he only saw once a week, detract from their closeness.

Casey adores spending time with his loved ones. This image came from Pinterest.

Georgie’s half-brother, Owen, plays a significant role in Casey’s life. He also has a fantastic relationship with his two half-sisters. Owen was there when Candice gave birth to Georgie. On Instagram, Casey shared a snapshot of his child snuggling Georgie. We can only imagine how great an elder brother he is.

Georgie Neistat is a name with a story to tell.

Georgie Neistat is Casey Neistat’s daughter, and her name means “tiller of the soil” or “farmer” in English.

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