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Meet Francine Neistat – Photos Of Casey Neistat’s Daughter With Wife Candice Pool

Meet Francine Neistat – Photos Of Casey Neistat’s Daughter With Wife Candice Pool

In 2005, Casey Owen Neistat, an American Youtube star, married Candice Pool. However, their relationship did not continue long at the time, since they divorced shortly after getting married. Casey, being the gentleman that he is, reconciled with Candice, and the couple is now the proud parents of two beautiful girls.

With Robin Harris, Casey had a son named Owen Neistat. Casey Neistat’s daughter Francine Neistat was born on December 6, 2014, and being the blogger that he is, Casey filmed the entire affair and titled it simply Her Water Broke. So, let’s learn more about Casey, the YouTube sensation’s eldest daughter.

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Her First Video on YouTube

Casey is an incredible blogger, as we all know. He’s either blogging or skating whenever you see him. As a result, he was blogging as usual on the day his wife gave birth to their first kid. He even claimed that he might be the only father who rode his skateboard to the hospital where his wife was ready to give birth. He was in San Francisco while his wife was in labor, and as soon as he learned of her condition, he booked a flight and sped to the hospital on a skateboard.

His admirers got their first peek of his daughter in a four-minute video. Francine Neistat, Casey Neistat’s daughter, was born four hours after he arrived at the hospital. Candice was doing well, and their daughter was in good health, which was the most crucial factor. Casey also captured a beautiful mother-daughter interaction on his camera, which he shared on his YouTube account.

Is It The Focus Of Everyone’s Attention?

Fans have adored little Francine when she initially appeared in Casey’s video. As an angel, she is both adorable and stunning. She’s also made numerous appearances on her father’s blog, along with her younger sister Georgie Neistat.

Casey enjoys the companionship of his daughters, Georgie and Francine Neistat. Casey’s Instagram is the source of this image.

The father-daughter pair has a wonderful bond. Francine, like her father Casey, has begun to exhibit signs that she, too, will be a blogger when she grows up. Like her father, she carries a camera with her wherever she goes. Casey, on the other hand, adores his young girl. He carries her all the way to bed at night and takes her wherever he goes. He genuinely enjoys spending time with his two beautiful daughters.

A Lovely Four-Person Family

We’re all aware of Casey’s opulent lifestyle. Many bloggers have sought to imitate his lifestyle but have so far failed. He blogs while skating in a way that is both fantastic and amazing. It’s no surprise that he travels frequently; he not only travels alone but also with his family. The gorgeous four-person family may be seen having fun together. Take a look at any of Casey’s blogs; he is unmistakably a family man who enjoys spending time with his loved ones.

Aside from that, he’s a cool father, as all of his followers who follow him on social media know. Casey is occasionally accompanied by his older son Owen when they spend time together. After that, the five-person family goes hiking, surfing, rock climbing, and skiing. Casey has also taken his daughter to Disney Land, and little Francine, like other small girls, is a major Frozen fan.

Looking at the photographs, it’s clear that YouTuber Casey is attempting to keep his children’s faces hidden from the public eye.

Francine Neistat is a name with a meaning.

Francine Neistat, Casey Neistat’s daughter, is of Lain heritage, which means “from France” or “free.”

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