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Meet Emma Cannon – MGK’s Baby Mama and Mother of His Daughter Casie Colson Baker

Meet Emma Cannon – MGK’s Baby Mama and Mother of His Daughter Casie Colson Baker

Machine Gun Kelly is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor who rose to prominence in the music industry under the stage name Richard Colson Baker. In terms of his personal life, he is the proud father of Casie Colson Baker, a gorgeous girl.

He did, however, have a child with his baby mama, Emma Cannon. She’s a newcomer to the limelight. It’s still unknown whether Emma Cannon and her baby father, Machine Gun, ever dated or if their relationship was just a one-time event. Anyway, let’s learn a little more about MGK’s baby mama.

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Emma Cannon, MGK’s Baby Mama, Leads a Quiet Life

We’ve all heard about Machine Gun. Kelly is a well-known rap artist, and his feud with Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade has only added to his celebrity. Despite his celebrity, his baby mama Emma Cannon appears to be missing. Emma doesn’t have a social media account, but if she does, she deserves credit for keeping it private until now.

We can already guess how private Casie’s mother is based on this. Emma Cannon, unlike many other celebrity ex-wives, prefers to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible. So we don’t believe MGK’s baby mama, Emma, has ever made an appearance in the public for any reason.

Kelly, Emma Cannon’s baby father, is a machine gun.

MGK’s real name is Richard Colson Baker, and he had Casie with Emma when he was only 18 years old. It is still unknown when they broke up, but based on the amount of time he spends with his daughter, we can assume that MGK and Emma are still in a healthy relationship. Emma, we’re sure, wishes the best for her daughter and the woman who will become MGK’s wife.

MGK, Emma Cannon’s baby daddy, and Casie Colson Baker, Emma’s daughter.

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MGK already released the rap song “Her Song” in the past. He sings about his previous lover, with whom he shared some of his most memorable moments, in the song. Plus, the girl was always there for him when he needed her.

Well, it’s still unclear to whom the song is dedicated, thus it’s possible that MGK wrote “Her Song” for his baby mom Emma Cannon and dedicated it just to her.

Despite this, MGK’s baby mama, Emma, is a very quiet person who dislikes being in the spotlight. Currently, the newborn mama appears to be content with her low-key existence.

Casie Colson Baker, Emma Cannon’s daughter

Casie Colson Baker, Emma Cannon and MGK’s daughter, was born on July 23rd, 2008. Casier is frequently seen out and about with her father, attending various activities. MGK occasionally posts images and videos of him and his son singing his rap songs together.

We’re sure Emma is overjoyed to see her daughter Casie spending time with her father. Perhaps she pays visits to her daughter on occasion in order to maintain a strong link and connection with her.

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