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Meet Elisa Larregui, Aries Spears’ Ex-wife Who Got Full Custody Of Their Son Jordan Spears

Meet Elisa Larregui, Aries Spears’ Ex-wife Who Got Full Custody Of Their Son Jordan Spears

Elisa Larregui is the estranged wife of Aries Spears, a prominent comedian. Since 2010, Larregui has been married to Aries Spears, a comedian. They divorced legally three years after their wedding. Aries and Elisa Spears have a son named Jordan Spears and a daughter named Jada Spears. Jordan and Jada were given full custody of their children by their mother, Elisa Larregui.

Elisa Larregui, Aries Spears’ ex-wife, was frequently in the news owing to many conflicts she had with Aries during their marriage. However, since her breakup with Aries, she has made almost no appearances in the media. So, here’s some juicy details about Aries Spears’ ex-girlfriend Elisa Larregui that you won’t want to miss.

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The Reason for Aries Spears and Elisa Larregui’s Divorce

The marriage of Aries Spears and his then-wife Elisa Larregui was going swimmingly. Until 2013, there was no news about their quarrel or any other misunderstandings. Elisa filed divorce papers in the Los Angeles County Superior Court in February of 2013. On May 23, 2014, the divorce was completed.

In the divorce papers, Elisa mentioned “irreconcilable issues.” However, she then accused her then-husband, Aries Spears, of abusing her and her children from a previous relationship. During a domestic quarrel, Elisa accused Aries of striking a baseball bat at her.

Aries’ bank account was $400K lighter after their three-year marriage ended. The court ordered Aries Spears, an American entertainer, to purchase a home in Florida for $300 to $375,000. Elisa’s ex-husband also had to buy her the 2014 Cadillac Escalade.

Wait, wait, wait! This isn’t the conclusion of the story. Aries and Elisa, the estranged husband and wife, wedded in 2015. There could be a variety of reasons for tying the knot again, but only they are aware of them. The remarried couple’s relationship did not last long, as Aries and Elisa divorced in 2018. They filed for divorce, but there has been no word on when their divorce will be finalized.

They Had Complete Custody Of Their Children

Aries Spears and Elisa Larregui separated up on May 23, 2013, as previously stated. Elisa acquired full physical and legal custody of her son Jordan Spears and daughter Jada Spears with Aries after their breakup. She received child support in the amount of $5000 each month. Elisa’s ex-husband Aries was granted “monitored” visitation with his son Jordan and daughter Jada by the court. Aries Spears, who makes others laugh until they weep, did not appear delighted after Elisa was given custody of his baby.

After their marriage in 2015, the estranged husband and wife, Aries and Elisa, as well as their children, reunited. The disjointed family was reunited once more. But it was short-lived. In 2018, the reunited couples split up once more. Despite the fact that the divorce procedure is still ongoing, Aries has refused to pay spousal support. He also requested joint custody of his children with Elisa.

Aries’ Ex-Girlfriend is the subject of Elisa’s restraining order.

Elisa Larregui, Aries Spears’ ex-wife, also sought a restraining order against Shelayne Turner, his ex-girlfriend. Turner was cited by Elisa, and her children pursued her with their automobile to her front door. Aries’ ex-partner Elisa went to a judge for protection from Shelayne, fearful that he would attack and perhaps kill her.

The ex-wife of Aries Spears has accused his ex-girlfriend of harassing her. Social media is the source of this image.

Shelayne, her former husband’s ex-lover, allegedly threatened Elisa and called her a ‘b*tch’ when she was in her car, according to Elisa. She also claimed that in 2012, Shelayne came close to attacking her with a crowbar. Shelayne is still envious of Aries and Elisa, despite the fact that they haven’t been together since 2013.

Shelayne was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Elisa by the court on a temporary basis. Aries Spears has been silent on the subject. Perhaps he didn’t want any more dramas or unfavorable public commentary on his life.

Regardless, let’s hope Aries’ ex-partner comes out in the media soon to reveal her whereabouts and how their son Jordan has progressed.

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