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Meet Dhani Harrison’s Ex-wife Solveig Karadottir – Why Did The Ex-Pair Divorce?

Meet Dhani Harrison’s Ex-wife Solveig Karadottir – Why Did The Ex-Pair Divorce?

George Harrison, the novelist, singer, songwriter, musician, and actor, passed away twenty years ago today. His only son, Dhani Harrison, is a musician who is carrying on his father’s legacy. Dhani Harrison, George Harrison’s son, is a well-known British composer, musician, and songwriter who is currently controlling the music industry. From his father’s final album, Brainwashed, the younger Harrison made his professional debut. Dhani launched his own band, thenewno2, in 2002, a year after his father died. Harrison and his band have performed at a number of festivals and released a number of chart-topping albums to date.

Dhani Harrison, the creator and performer of various TV shows’ title songs, is currently single. However, from 2012 until 2016, he was married to Solveig Karadottir, the daughter of the Icelandic neurologist and physicist Kari Stefansson. Meet Solveig Karadottir, the multi-millionaire musician Dhani Harrison’s ex-wife, and learn about the reasons behind their divorce.

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From 2012 to 2016, he was married to Dhani Harrison.

Dhani Harrison, the sole child of former Beatles member George Harrison and Olivia Harrison, married Solveig ‘Sola’ Karadottir in June 2012. Their wedding took place at Harrison’s Friar Park estate in Henley-on-Thames, in the south of England. Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and stars Tom Hanks and Clive Owen were among the guests at their top-secret wedding.

In 2012, Dhani Harrison married Sólveig Káradóttir. Sola Karadottir/Facebook. Image credit: Sola Karadottir/Facebook.

Furthermore, Stella McCartney, Paul McCartney’s daughter, designed David Harrison’s ex-wife Solveig Karadottir’s wedding gown. Harrison and Karadottir walked down the aisle to the song The Rain by Led Zeppelin. Furthermore, the newlyweds danced to the Beach Boys’ “Don’t Talk; Put Your Head on My Shoulder” before departing for a honeymoon in Seychelles and the Maldives.

Dhani Harrison and Solveig Karadottir, the former couple, got engaged in January of the same year they married. Harrison and Karadottir did not postpone their marriage, but they divorced in 2016 after four years as husband and wife. The now-divorced couple did not have any children together.

The Reasons for Harrison and Karadottir’s Divorce

The marriage of Dhani Harrison and Sola Karadottir was going swimmingly. There were no rumors that they were having marital problems while they were together. Dhani Harrison, on the other hand, filed for divorce from his then-wife, Solveig, in November 2016. When he filed the divorce petition in Los Angeles County Court, he alleged irreconcilable differences. Furthermore, a prenuptial agreement signed by both Harrison and Karadottir, according to TMZ magazine, would dictate the cost of alimony and legal fees.

When they were still married, the former couple appeared to be perfectly happy while attending red carpet events together. Furthermore, neither Harrison nor Karadottir have been in a public relationship with anybody else since their divorce. As a result, the specific reason for their choice to separate remains a mystery.

The public, on the other hand, believes that their split was caused by their various professions. Due to his busy schedule, Harrison, like many other celebrities, may have neglected to give his then-wife, Sola, enough attention. There could be various reasons for their split. However, the real cause for the divorce can only be divulged by Harrison and Karadottir, which they haven’t done thus far.

Dhani Harrison’s ex-wife works in the fashion industry.

Solveig Karadottir, the ex-wife of musician Dhani Harrison, is a fashion designer residing in London. Solveig is the Creative Director and one of the founders of the apparel brand Galvan London. The label was launched in 2014 by Karadottir and three other women from the fashion and contemporary art industries, Carolyn Hodler, Katherine Holmgren, and Anna-Christin Haas. The four females make sleek, clean, and cool dresses and jumpsuits in response to the over-embellishment of evening attire. They also create laid-back, minimalist bridalwear.

Dhani Harrison’s ex-wife, Solveig Karadottir, is a psychologist as well as a great fashion designer, according to sources. She also worked as a model from the time she was a teenager until she decided to pursue a career in another industry. In the past, Karadottir has modeled for a variety of fashion magazines and agencies, including Eskimo. Her current concentration, however, is on her job as a fashion designer. Solveig, a stunning former model, is currently unmarried after divorcing Dhani Harrison in 2016.

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