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Meet Deborah Mailman’s Husband Matthew Coonan and Get a Glimpse of Their Relationship

Meet Deborah Mailman’s Husband Matthew Coonan and Get a Glimpse of Their Relationship

Deborah Mailman is an award-winning Australian actress. Her acting career began with a lead role in the 1998 film Radiance.

Her performance as Nona earned her the Australian Film Institute’s Best Actress in a Leading Role Award that year, making her the first Aboriginal actress to win in that category.

She has subsequently established herself as one of the most well-known figures in both television and film.

Kelly Lewis in The Secret Life of Us, Cherie Butterfield in Offspring, and Gail in The Sapphires are among her other notable performances.

The Australian actress enjoys happy family life in addition to a great career.

She and her husband, Matthew Coonan, the Director and Co-Founder of Preface Social Media, have two children.

Deborah Mailman’s Story of Meeting Her Husband

Mailman met her spouse in 2006 during a friend’s birthday party in Sydney, according to Pressreader. While conversing with the bartender, her “tall and fair-haired” spouse quickly drew her eye.

Later, the actress approached the bartender to inquire about the attractive man. Coonan was informed by the bartender. Coonan came over towards the end of the night to say hi.

The actress stated unequivocally that she considered him beautiful, and to her astonishment, he agreed. Since then, they’ve been together.

The couple married six years after meeting, and the rest is history.

Deborah Mailman has a happy and healthy family.

According to People, the couple had their first kid, Henry Walter, in 2007. Oliver, their second son, arrived two years later, in 2009.

The actress considers her family to be the most important aspect of her life.

Deborah Mailman is a performer at The Spot Festival (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Mailman has always had anxiety and insecurity issues. Her body image difficulties were exacerbated by her being in the spotlight and under public scrutiny.

As a result, she leans greatly on her family to keep her mentally balanced. Her children and spouse have aided her in being grounded and real in the industry.

A Family that Cares

Her family has always supported her. They’re her “rock,” she says. She also makes every effort to keep her personal life separate from her business life.

Mailman prioritizes her family’s requirements and only accepts assignments that do not interfere with her time with them. She dislikes being away from home for long periods of time.

Her line of work, however, is not as forgiving as she would want. As a result, there are times when she inadvertently does harm to her family.

Deborah Mailman attends the premiere of the film Mental (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Despite this, they forgive her and understand her predicament. Her husband has also been a pillar of strength for her throughout her career.

He frequently appears in public with her at red carpet events. When the actress isn’t available, he fills in for her mother.

He also manages his online customer service firm, which he works very hard at.

Mailman, like her husband, makes sure Coonan is taken care of and not overworked.

Coonan and Mailman have an almost flawless rapport. For the past 15 years, they have always been there for each other.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they lived hand-in-hand for the rest of their lives, based on their current relationship.