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Meet David Wilson – Mindy McCready’s Boyfriend Who Committed Suicide A Month Before Her Death

Meet David Wilson – Mindy McCready’s Boyfriend Who Committed Suicide A Month Before Her Death

David Wilson, the late country singer Mindy McCready’s live-in partner and father of their son Zayne Wilson, was discovered dead in his Arkansas home on January 13, 2013. He was 34 years old at the time. Mr. Wilson died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to Sheriff records, and was transferred to a neighboring hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after.

Mindy McCready, David’s girlfriend, took her own life the next month after David’s premature and tragic death. Zander McCready, Mindy’s son, is also a musician.

David Wilson, the late singer Mindy McCready’s ex-boyfriend. Yahoo is the source of this image.

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David Wilson, Mindy McCready’s boyfriend, was who?

David Wilson was an intern at Music Row recording studio Vibe 56 in 2007, according to Yahoo Entertainment. The studio’s founders characterized him as a lifetime musician who had previously played clarinet and keyboards.

Mr. Wilson set up a MySpace page for “David Wilson Productions,” which he described as a “young, inventive music production firm situated in Nashville” in 2008. Mr. Wilson was a musician who enjoyed playing keyboards, clarinets, and the horn. David was also a member of Boom! Kinetic, a pop band founded by his pals in which he played the horn.

One of David Wilson’s bandmates took a photo of him. Image courtesy of Yahoo.

How did David meet Mindy McCready, his late girlfriend?

Though it is unclear how the murdered couple met, it is likely that the vocalist of “Guys Do It All the Time,” Mindy McCready, met her boyfriend, David Wilson, through the music industry. The live-in pair had been together for nearly two years until the terrible incident on January 13. On April 9, 2012, Mindy gave birth to their son, Zayne Wilson. A pal told E! News that he was happy and proud to be a parent. He went on to say that his happiness had no bounds.

Mindy McCready with David Wilson, her late boyfriend and father of their son Zayne. Daily Mail is the source of this image.

Mindy McCready, her boyfriend’s girlfriend, was severely impacted by his death. She didn’t show up for his funeral. She afterwards issued a statement in which she stated:

Let’s hope the late couple is at peace and that their kid Zayne will one day make them proud.

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