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Meet Byron Scott’s Wife Cecilia Gutierrez Whom He Married After His Divorce From Ex-Wife Anita Scott

Meet Byron Scott’s Wife Cecilia Gutierrez Whom He Married After His Divorce From Ex-Wife Anita Scott

Byron Scott is an American basketball coach who now works for the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s also a retired American basketball player who won three NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s. With time, he transitioned from playing to coaching, and he has been equally effective in both roles.

In terms of his personal life, Byron has been married twice: once to Anita Scott, his ex-wife, and then to Cecilia Gutierrez, his current wife. We’ll try to shed some light on his personal life in this piece. So read on to learn more about Byron Scott’s wife Cecilia Gutierrez, whom he married following his divorce from his first wife Anita Scott.

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Cecilia Gutierrez, Byron Scott’s wife

Cecilia Gutierrez is NBA coach Byron Scott’s second and current wife, as previously stated. Cece is also well-known for her role in the reality show “Basketball Wives.” In the midst of the pandemic, she married Byron, which has increased her popularity. It’s time to get to know this new bride if you don’t already.

Cecilia Gutierrez is a member of the Gutierrez family.

Cecilia Gutierrez is 48 years old, having been born on April 26, 1972. Edith Gutierrez (mother) and Reynaldo Gutierrez (father) are her parents (father). Her parents have given her and her brother the Filipino ethnicity. Her brother, DJ Jace, is a Muay Thai fan who also happens to be a DJ. Her mother sings in the soprano range, but little is known about her father. Cecilia appears to have a close relationship with her family. She also has a son from a prior relationship, but she has kept his identity hidden.

Cecilia and Byron Scott are newlyweds.

In July 2020, three-time NBA champion Byron Scott and Basketball Wives star CeCe Gutierrez married in the midst of the pandemic. Due to the virus, their original plan had to be changed as well. The pair married in a private ceremony that was streamed live for friends and family to see.

In July 2020, Byron Scott and Cecilia Gutierrez married. Instagram/cecegutierrez4 is the source of this image.

On their social media platforms, the pair also posted some photos from their wedding day. CeCe is a nurse and a reality TV star, while Byron is a former NBA coach. CeCe also expressed gratitude to her mother Edith Gutierrez and brother Jay Gutierrez, who sang their first and second wedding songs, respectively. Byron and CeCe had a lovely wedding, despite the fact that it had to be rescheduled owing to the pandemic.

People aren’t crazy about it. Cecilia Gutierrez is a member of the Gutierrez family.

Yes, Cecilia Gutierrez is disliked by a large number of people. The list begins with her stepson, Thomas Scott, and stepdaughter-in-law, Kristen Scott, and does not end there. Kristen is also a Basketball Wives cast member. Continue reading to learn why they disapprove of her.

To begin with, she openly told her father-in-law that he wasn’t a very good grandfather during the seventh season of the reality program. She makes private information public whenever she is enraged with her in-laws. She once disclosed that Thomas was not even Byron’s biological child. This surprised everyone, and the feud between Cecilia, Thomas, and Kristen began. On their wedding day, Cecilia and Byron did not even invite their son and daughter-in-law.

Cece Scott, Byron Scott’s wife, does what?

This is arguably the only positive aspect of her personality. Cece works as a registered nurse full-time. She spent two years at Marymount College studying Nursing Science before continuing her education at the LA County+ USC Medical School of Nursing for another two years. Finally, in 2000, she graduated from the University of Phoenix with a bachelor’s degree in nursing science.

She has experience working in a trauma center and a Rejuvenation Center. She had even created her own medical spa at one point. Cecilia Gutierrez’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million based on her achievements.

The Divorce of Byron Scott and His Ex-Wife Anita Scott

Byron and his ex-wife Anita were married in 2014. Thomas Scott and London Scott are the couple’s two children. After nearly three decades together, the couple decided to separate in an unconventional way. Many people suspected Byron of cheating on Anita with CeCe Gutierrez throughout their divorce, but there was no proof.

Anita is now slated to appear on the show Basketball Wives, where supporters expect the truth to be revealed. The other girls will undoubtedly try to figure out why she ended her relationship with the former basketball player.

Regardless, we wish Cecilia and Byron a long and happy marriage.

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