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Meet Brandel Shouse – Photos Of Fantasia Barrino’s Baby Father

Meet Brandel Shouse – Photos Of Fantasia Barrino’s Baby Father

Fantasia Barrino’s ex-boyfriend Brandel Shouse is the father of her first child, Zion Quari Barrino, who is now a lovely seventeen-year-old teen. Fantasia and Brandel have been friends since they were in high school. That’s how they first met and began dating.

In comparison to Fantasia, who has gone on to become famous in the music industry, Brandel has a modest profile. There is little evidence of Brandel, but the couple dated from 1998 to 2003, as far as we know. Fantasia was seventeen years old when she gave birth to their first daughter on August 8, 2001. Fantasia has been married to Kendell Taylor since 2015 and has a son, Dallas Xavier Barrino, who is eight years old.

Let’s not waste any more time and learn more about Brandel Shouse, Fantasia Barrion’s ex-boyfriend and baby father.

Brandel Shouse, Fantasia Barrino’s ex-boyfriend

Brandel Shouse is a normal public figure who isn’t overly concerned with media rumors. Before she became famous as an American Idol winner in 2004, he discontinued his romance with Fantasia. There are no details concerning their relationship, although it’s possible that it played a role in her career.

Brandel Shouse, Fantasia Barrino’s ex-boyfriend. Quite Romantic is the source of this image.

However, according to some stories, they split up owing to domestic abuse. Is it true that Brandel mistreated Fantasia? In 2003, Brandel attempted to disprove his innocence in the case of Fantasia’s physical abuse. We’re looking forward to hearing from Fantasia herself.

Despite the fact that Brandel has nothing to do with Fantasia’s success and notoriety, he does not avoid the topic of Fantasia’s previous relationship. People are unlikely to forget about her former relationship because she is a famous singer.

Brandel Shouse filed for his daughter’s custody.

Brandel Shouse allegedly filed a lawsuit against Fantasia for his daughter in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, in 2014. He said that Fantasia had been an unfit mother to the teen as a mother. It’s been almost 16 years since the couple split up, and Brandel said during the custody announcement that he hadn’t seen his daughter in over 13 years.

Custody of a child is always a challenge. The couple, on the other hand, opted to wait for Zion’s interest. There is no official record of what happened, but it appears that Brandel’s daughter Zion enjoys spending time with her mother. Zion danced on stage with her mother during Fantasia’s show.

Zion Brandel, Brandel’s daughter, has drastically changed her appearance, which has recently attracted public notice. She has posted the video on YouTube, where she will be answering questions live.

On the occasion of their daughter’s graduation, Fantasia and Brandel posed with her.

Fantasia and her baby father, Brandel Shouse, were together when their daughter, Zion, graduated from high school, according to Celebrity Insider. It’s likely that Zion’s parents were overjoyed to see their daughter graduate from high school.

The brilliant singer and American Idol winner shared a few photographs of her daughter smiling with her father and mother on social media. After seeing that, it appears like Fantasia and Brandel are friendly and perhaps good friends at the moment.

Zion also appears to get along well with both of her parents. They are supportive of her at all stages of her life. She is extremely fortunate to have such loving and caring parents.

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