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Meet All Of Tony Romo’s Children That He Had With His Wife Candice Crawford

Meet All Of Tony Romo’s Children That He Had With His Wife Candice Crawford

Tony Romo, a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current NFL analyst, is the father of three lovely sons: Hawkins Crawford Romo, Rivers Romo, and Jones McCoy Romo. Candice Crawford gave birth to all of Tony Romo’s children. Tony, a Dallas Cowboy, married Candice Crawford, his ex-beauty queen wife, in 2011.

The couple’s three sons are growing up in peace and comfort. Hawkins, Rivers, and Jones are siblings that get along well and usually find something entertaining to do together. Furthermore, the parents of three children share heartwarming photos of their colourful family on Instagram and Twitter.

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Hawkins Crawford Romo, Tony Romo’s son

Tony Romo’s first kid and the family’s eldest son, Hawkins Crawford Romo, was born to his wife, Candice Crawford Romo. Hawkins is the oldest of his siblings, Rivers and Jones McCoy, and he is a responsible son.

Hawkins Crawford is unquestionably maturing at a faster rate and gaining tremendous height. Like his iconic father, Tony, the “Dallas Cowboy” son is sure to try his hand at professional football.

Rivers Romo, Tony Romo’s son

On March 18, 2014, Rivers Romo, Tony Romo’s middle son with Candice Crawford Romo, was born. Hawkins Crawford is his younger brother, while Jones McCoy is his older brother. As a result of his father’s influence, Rivers watches most NFL games and even has his favorite players, as demonstrated by a tweet.

Rivers Romo, Tony Romo’s middle son, is a football fanatic. Twitter/SaadYousuf126/SaadYousuf126/SaadYousuf126/Saa

Rivers may be seen enjoying a football game in the commentary booth with his father and mother in a Twitter post. Rivers clearly enjoys football and wears his jersey with pride. Rivers’ ambitions may include surpassing his father Tony’s career as a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Only time will tell if this is true.

Jones McCoy Romo, Tony Romo’s son

Jones McCoy Romo was born on August 23, 2017 to his parents. He is Tony Romo’s youngest child and the third son he has with his wife Candice Crawford Romo. Romo tweeted after his kid Jones was born:

Tony joked in a Twitter post that he is “creating a basketball squad” after having three healthy sons. Basketball, on the other hand, necessitates a considerable height. And we can rest assured that Jones McCoy will provide them with all of the nutrition they require. His father is well-off enough to provide his youngest son with a luxury upbringing.

Tony Romy’s Children: What Do Their Names Mean?

Crawford Hawkins Hawkins is an English surname derived from the word “hawking,” which means “falconry.” Crawford is an Old English name that means “crow ford” in English.

Romo: Rivers is derived from the Old French word “rivière,” which means “riverbank.”

Jones McCoy Romo: Jones is a surname that meaning “John’s son” in English and Welsh. McCoy is a baby name with a Scottish origin that means “son of Fire.”

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