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Meet All Of Tim Roth’s Children, Proud Father Of Three Sons

Meet All Of Tim Roth’s Children, Proud Father Of Three Sons

Tim Roth (born Timothy Simon Roth) is an English actor and director best known for his role as Myron in the film The Hit, for which he received a BAFTA Award nomination for Most Promising Newcomer. Timothy made his cinematic debut in the television film Made in Britain and went on to star in The Cook, the Thief, Vincent & Theo, and Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, among others. Later, with Quentin Tarantino’s film Reservoir Dogs, he gained international recognition.

That’s enough about his work life; how about his personal one? Is he the father of a large family? And with whom are you going to do it? To meet all of Tim Roth’s children, read the entire article.

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The First Child of Tim Roth Jack Roth is a well-known figure in the

Jack Roth, the eldest son of Tim Roth and his then-girlfriend Lori Baker, an award-winning writer and producer, was born in 1984. Because Tim and Lori did not marry and separated after only a few years of dating, Jack’s childhood was difficult. He followed in his father’s footsteps into acting and has landed some remarkable parts throughout the years.

Jack did not attend theater school, so his acting ability stems entirely from his surroundings. After all, he was raised by a well-known actor. He has played characters such as Max in the second season of Sky Living’s “Bedlam” and Dolce Orlick in the BBC’s “Great Expectation.” He also appeared in blockbuster films such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Bohemian Rhapsody, as well as a Game of Thrones episode called The Watchers of the Wall.

The 36-year-old is also a theatre performer who gave his best performance at a Broadway audition. He is an ambitious musician as well as an actor, and he will continue to do amazing things in the future.

Timothy Hunter Roth, Tim Roth’s second son

Timothy Hunter Roth is Tim Roth’s second kid, albeit he is the actor’s first with his wife, Nikki Butler. In 1995, Tim Roth and his wife, Nikki Butler, had their first child. Timothy’s middle name was inspired by the names of two well-known screenwriters and actors: Hunter Carson and Hunter S. Thompson, the founder of the Gonzo journalism movement. Hunter’s name has also been tattooed on Tim Roth’s forearms.

Timothy went to Sequoyah High School in Georgia, which is a public high school. He used to walk the Red Carpet with his actor father and designer mother when he was a kid. However, as he grew older, he began to shy away from the spotlight and cameras. He prefers to keep his personal life private and no longer attends media gatherings.

Tim Roth’s eldest child Roth, Michael Cormac

Tim Roth’s youngest son is Michael Cormac Roth. He is Tim Butler’s second kid with his wife, Nikki Butler. In 1996, the couple welcomed their first child. Cormac grew up in Los Angeles, California, and attended Sequoyah High School, where his older brother Timothy Hunter Roth also attended. Cormac Roth earned his bachelor’s degree from Bennington College in 2019.

Tim Roth’s eldest son is a budding musician.

Michael Cormac Roth, Tim Roth’s son, is a young musician who has already collaborated on a few projects. He has also published his own music CDs, such as Python (2018) and Cormac (2017). Since he was a child, Cormac Roth has had a strong passion for music. After a lengthy period of dedication to music, his curiosity has evolved into a passion, and then into a career.

Michael Cormac Roth, Tim Roth’s youngest son, is a rising star. Cormac’s music albums have already been released. Instagram/cormacroth is the source of this image.

Tim Roth’s eldest son is likewise breaking into the American entertainment industry. He is working in the soundtrack department of Michael Franco’s film New Order, a Mexican-French art Dystopian thriller. His music is available on platforms such as SoundCloud. He is also active on Instagram and Facebook as an artist, and he is preparing for forthcoming music projects.

Meaning of a Name

‘Jack,’ Tim Roth’s first child’s name, is an English boy’s name. ‘God is gracious,’ it means.

The first name of Tim Roth’s second son, Timothy, is a Greek masculine name that means ‘honoring God’ or ‘honored by God.’

‘Michael,’ Tim’s youngest son’s first name, is of Hebrew origin and means ‘Who is like God.’ His middle name, ‘Cormac,’ is a Gaelic and Irish name that means unclean son.

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