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Meet All Of Steve Wozniak’s Children And Know About Their Baby Mamas

Meet All Of Steve Wozniak’s Children And Know About Their Baby Mamas

Steve Wozniak’s father, Stephan Gary Wozniak, has three children. Wozniak is an American engineer, inventor, programmer, and technopreneur whose technological achievements ushered in the personal computer revolution. He is also one of Apple Inc.’s many founders. Wozniak was a close friend of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and the two began their careers at the same time.

Although many people are familiar with Steve Wozniak as one of Apple’s co-founders, few are aware of his marital situation, including his wife and children. So, let’s take a look at Wozniak’s personal life.

Candice Clark is Steve’s three children’s baby mama.

In the 1980s, Wozniak began dating Candice Clark. They married in 1981 and are the parents of three children. Jesse John Wozniak, Stephen Gary Wozniak Jr., and Sara Nadine Wozniak are Steve Wozniak’s children.

Candice was the gold medalist in the US Olympic Slalom Canoe event at the time. She was also employed as a financial analyst at Apple at the time she fell in love with Steve.

Steve Wozniak’s three children have a baby mom named Candice Carson Clark. Storybaar is the source of this image.

In February 1981, Wozniak and Clark were involved in a terrible plane disaster that killed nearly everyone on board. Despite the fact that they both survived the plane disaster, Wozniak suffered from short-term memory loss. Candice was the one who assisted him in his recovery.

The marriage, however, did not work out and ended in divorce in 1987 after a 6-year marriage.

Steve Wozniak is a four-time married man.

In January of 1976, Steve Wozniak married Alice Robertson. The ex-couple met for the first time over the phone. The gulf between Wozniak and Jobs grew due to Wozniak’s commitment to Apple. After four years of marriage, the couple divorced in 1980.

Alice Robertson was Steve Wozniak’s first wife. Celebfamily is the source of this image.

Wozniak married Suzanne Mulkern, a childhood friend, for the second time in 1990. His ex-couple were his grade’s classmates. Suzanne was a lawyer who also happened to be the mother of three children. Suzanne had three children from a previous marriage when she met Wozniak. However, the couple’s relationship did not work out, and they divorced after 14 years of marriage. In 2004, the couple split without having any children together.

In 1990, Steve Wozniak married Suzanne Mulkern, a childhood friend. Pinterest is the source of this image.

In 2007, Wozniak was accused of having an affair with Kathy Griffin before secretly marrying his fourth wife, Janet Hill. In the absence of their relatives and friends, Steve and Janet married in 2008.

Janet Hill is Steve Wozniak’s current wife. Tumblr is the source of this image.

Janet Hill was Apple’s Education Development Executive and a long-time friend of Steve Wozniak. They had never had a child together.

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