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Meet All Of Sean Lowe’ Children Whom He Had With Catherine Giudici

Meet All Of Sean Lowe’ Children Whom He Had With Catherine Giudici

Sean Lowe, a handsome TV personality, is married to Catherine Giudici, a lovely graphic designer. The duo was also an on-screen couple on ABC’s The Bachelor, which was in its 17th season at the time. They appear to have fallen in love after starring on the same show together, since they married on January 26, 2014. Catherine did compete against 25 other contestants for Sean’s attention, and she won. The lovely couple has three children: Samuel Thomas Lowe and Isaiah Hendrix Lowe, males, and Mia Mejia Lowe, a daughter.

So, let’s take a closer look at each of Sean Lowe’s children separately.

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The Oldest

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici welcomed their first child, Samuel Thomas Lowe, into the world in 2016. Sean Lowe’s kid Samuel was welcomed by his parents in Palm Springs, California, even before he was born. Samuel, three, appears to have inherited not only his father Sean Lowe’s blonde hair, but also his smart sense of humor. On his papa Sean and mom Catherine’s social media profiles, we can witness his great laugh and cute photographs.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are TV personalities, and Samuel Thomas Lowe is their firstborn child. Catherine’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Samuel is also the older brother of two more siblings. He adores his siblings and spends the most of his time with them. We wish for him to grow up to be a lovely, happy, and successful person.

Child No. 2

Isaiah Hendrix Lowe is the Lowe couple’s second child, born in 2018. Sean and his baby mama Catherine didn’t know the gender of Sean Lowe’s son before he was born, but Sean had a gut feeling it would be a boy. And, surprise, surprise, a boy was born. He has been a big brother to his sister Mia Meija Lowe since he was a year old.

Sean Paul and his graphic designer wife, Catherine Giudici, have a son named Isaiah Hendrix Lowe. Sean’s Instagram is the source of this image.

We can tell from Isaiah’s papa Sean and mama Catherine’s Instagram images that he is surrounded by affection from his older brother Samuel and parents. We wish him the best of health as he grows up.

The Youngest

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici welcomed a daughter, Mia Mejia Lowe, into their family in 2019. Sean, Mia’s father, had always wished for a daddy’s little girl and was overjoyed to be the parent of such a lovely daughter. Sean Lowe’s daughter Mia Mejia is the family’s darling princess, with a middle name derived from her mother Catherine’s surname and two older brothers who adore her and are willing to protect her.

With such an attractive father and beautiful mother, we may expect her to grow up to be a stunning young lady. We wish tiny Mia good health and a goal to strive for.

Sean Lowe’s Kids: What Do Their Names Mean?

Samuel Thomas Lowe is a Hebrew name that means “name of God” or “God has heard.” Thomas, the middle name, is Aramaic in origin and meaning “twin.”

Isaiah Hendrix Lowe: The name Isaiah is Hebrew in origin, and it means “YAHWEH saves.” The middle name Hendrix, which means ‘Son Of Hendrick,’ is of English origin.

Mia Mejia is a Mexican actress. Lowe: Mia is a Scandinavian name that means “Of The Sea Or Bitter.” The middle name Mejia is of Spanish origin and is a vernacular variant of the Latin, Greek Messias, which means “Messiah.”

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