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Meet All Of Rick Harrison’s Children From His First Two Marriages

Meet All Of Rick Harrison’s Children From His First Two Marriages

Rick Harrison has three children from his first two marriages, all of them are males. With his first wife Kim Harrison, he had two sons, Richard Corey Harrison and Adam Harrison. Rick also has a son named Jake Harrison with his second wife, Tracy Harrison.

Rick is an American businessman and reality television personality. He’s also a co-owner of Las Vegas’s World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Let’s take a peek at Rick Harrison’s entire family.

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Richard Corey Harrison is a Pawn Stars cast member.

Rick Harrison’s son, Corey Harrison aka Big Hoss, was born on April 27, 1983, and is most known for being a cast member of the History TV show Pawn Stars. He is also a well-known businessman.

Corey followed in his father’s footsteps. He films his job at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, just like his father Rick, in the Pawn Stars series. The father-son team is not just blood relatives, but also real-life business partners. The shop is co-owned by Corey and his father, Rick.

Charlene Steele and Korina “Kiki” Harrison were Corey’s first and second wives, respectively. Corey divorced his first wife, Steele, in 2015, and on September 10th, 2018, he divorced his second wife. Not only that, but he has two children: Jacob Harrison, a son, and Sarina Harrison, a daughter.

Corey has time to spare in his social media spotlight despite his thriving profession. He has an Instagram account where he posts practically every significant event in his life.

Corey also has a Twitter account as well as his own website.

Adam Harrison is a tradesman who works as a plumber.

Adam Harrison, Rick Harrison’s son, was born in 1984. Adam, who is 35 years old, works as a plumber. Adam used to work at his father’s shop in the beginning of his career. However, his brother Corey claims that he was referenced in one of the episodes as a plumber.

Adam Harrison, Rick Harrison’s son, is a plumber. Twitter/Adam Harrison is the source of this image.

However, there is relatively little information on Adam and his way of life. He is likewise not well-known in the media, but he does have a Twitter account with nearly 2,000 followers.

Not only that, but Rick Harrison’s third son Jake Harrison is in the middle of an information crisis. It appears that he does not want his personal details to be made public.

The Meanings Of All Three Names Children of Rick Harrison

Corey Harrison: Corey is an Irish male given name that means “from the hollow.”

Adam Harrison is a masculine name with the meaning “to be red.” It is of Hebrew origin.

Jake Harrison is a male given name from the Hebrew language that means “supplanter.”

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