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Measurements and Personal Information of SI Model Olivia Brower

Measurements and Personal Information of SI Model Olivia Brower

2019 saw the rise to stardom of model Olivia Brower when she was featured in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. In 2020, she had another appearance on Sports Illustrated, which she referred to as an honor given that she had grown up reading the publication.

Her two appearances in SI rank among her career’s high points, and she has over 330k Instagram followers.

The following information about Brower is provided.

Olivia Brower recognized herself in a pharmacy in SI.

Brower got to see the pictures for the first time at a pharmacy when he appeared in Sports Illustrated for a second time in 2020. During an interview with Fox News, the model talked about the experience.

Parents & Age of Olivia Brower

Bryan Brower and Tawnia Brower welcomed their son, Brower, into the world in 1994 in California. Laken Brower and Melanie Brower are her two other sisters.

Dimensions of Olivia Brower

Brower is 5′ 9″ tall, based on her page on Milk Management’s website (175 cm). She measures 34″ (86 cm) across the bust, 26 12″ (67 cm) around the waist, and 37 12″ (95.5 cm) around the hips.

She respects Ink Upton

Brower stated she had always looked up to the women who appeared in the magazine during the same interview with Fox News, adding that she had always wanted to be a part of the Sports Illustrated family.

It gave her confidence, and she hopes that other women and young girls would draw inspiration from the women who have appeared in the magazine and will continue to do so. She also mentioned how much she admired Kate Upton.

Getting Ready to Appear on Sports Illustrated

Brower worked out daily with her own trainer in preparation for her Sports Illustrated shoot in 2020. The purpose of the workouts was to feel strong and confident rather than to lose weight or achieve any other kind of physical goal.

She made sure to manage her water intake and was mindful of what she ate. Brower exercised on her own, doing Pilates and running.

modeling since childhood

Brower began working as a professional model while still a teenager. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with modeling agencies like Bravo Tokyo, MiLK London, Women Milano, No Ties Management, and Supreme New York.