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Mayeli Alonso dispels rumors of infidelity and is now joyfully engaged to her new partner

Mayeli Alonso dispels rumors of infidelity and is now joyfully engaged to her new partner

The ex-wife of Mexican singer Lupillo Rivera is Mayeli Alonso, formerly Mayeli Rivera. After being married for more than ten years, the beauty blogger and her singer ex-husband divorced.

“Irreconcilable conflicts” between the two were given as the official explanation for the breakup. Alonso allegedly cheated on Rivera while they were still married, according to rumors.

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Divorce Disputation

In 2006, Alonso wed the Grammy Award-winning artist. L’Rey Rivera and Lupita Karisma Rivera are the couple’s two children.

However, the pair decided to get a divorce in 2018 after 12 hard years of marriage. Irreconcilable differences were cited as the reason for their breakup, while rumors stated that Alonso’s infidelity was to blame.

The businesswoman flatly refuted the claims and even threatened to take legal action for sharing fake information on Instagram.

Since this never occurred and they are tarnishing my reputation by undermining my person, she stated, “I utterly reject and deny.”

Since NO one who is close to us could confirm what never happened, I am pursuing the matter with my lawyers.

Alonso spoke up to dispel the allegations of cheating.

The 36-year-old diva said that the couple wanted a divorce since their marriage had numerous issues, including a lack of trust, during an interview with Mamas Latinas in June 2018.

She added that she had never cheated on her spouse and that one of the reasons for their divorce was money because she had signed a prenuptial agreement. However, when Alonso started supporting the family financially, things between the couple gradually started to deteriorate.

She went on to say that their breakup was finalized by a fight about a “intimate game.” She made it clear that contrary to rumors, the aforementioned game was not an intimate one.

However, when her husband didn’t make an effort to dispel the untrue idea that her infidelity was the reason for their divorce, Alonso claimed she did feel betrayed and extremely unhappy.

She’s a Proficient Beauty Expert

Alonso, a Mexican beauty blogger, makeup artist, YouTuber, and entrepreneur, was born on December 1st, 1984.

She has recently expanded beyond her roles as a makeup artist and beauty blogger to launch her own brand of beauty and fitness products.

The two businesses she proudly owns are Evolution Fit and Drama Queen. While Evolution Fit sells fitness-related items, Drama Queen focuses on selling cosmetic products.

Now happily engaged to another singer, the beauty expert

Alonso found comfort in her new boyfriend, Jesus Mendoza, after filing for divorce from her spouse.

In 2018, when the beauty guru and her ex-husband parted ways, the couple began dating.

Mexican folk music is sung and written by Mendoza. Additionally, he is the only parent of a daughter from a prior relationship.

When they were engaged in a car accident in 2019, they made headlines. According to reports, the collision was caused by heavy rain, and it’s a good thing they didn’t collide with any other cars.

The couple doesn’t hesitate to post pictures and videos of one another on social media.

Even Christmas 2019 was spent together, which Alonso referred to as one of the nicest holidays. She had great times with her companion Mendoza, her children, and other loved ones.