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Martell Holt’s Girlfriend: Who Is She? What is the nature of his relationship with his baby mama?

Martell Holt’s Girlfriend: Who Is She? What is the nature of his relationship with his baby mama?

Martell Holt, a known reality TV star and full-time entrepreneur, real estate agent, author, and CEO of Holt Custom Homes was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama. He is most known for his role in the reality show Love & Marriage: Huntsville on OWN.

The reality series follows the personal lives of three high-powered African-American couples, including Martell and his former wife, Melody Holt, as the title suggests.

Furthermore, Love & Marriage: Huntsville depicted how things abruptly changed from Martell and Melody being a power couple to the two gettings divorced.

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But, now that he’s divorced, does he have a girlfriend?

Here’s a quick look into the personal lives of a real estate agent!

Martell Holt’s infidelity caused his marriage to Melody Holt to end.

When Martell and Melody originally debuted on the show, they were a beautiful couple, but things rapidly changed after Melody discovered her then-husband had been unfaithful to her.

During the show, she revealed that he had affairs with other women, one of them was Arionne Curry, his girlfriend. Because of these factors, the host of Behind Every Man was unable to re-establish trust with him, resulting in some difficult moments between the former pair.

When asked why he wasn’t true to his ex-wife, the real estate agent claimed that she didn’t do things the way he desired in the bedroom. “But I’ll tell all ladies to take care of their man from the start. Do you know what I mean? Take care of your partner if you know he has particular demands “he stated

Meanwhile, he accused Melody of cheating on him before their appearance on the show, stating that he was not the only one with dirt on his hands.

The couple divorced earlier this year, with joint physical and legal custody of their four children: Martell II, Malani, Maliah, and Mariah.

In July 2008, the two were said to have married. So, if you’re wondering if Martell Holt is still married, you may rest assured that he is no longer married.

Arionne Curry and Martell Holt welcomed their fifth child.

Martell’s girlfriend, Arionne, became pregnant with his fifth and first child while he was still married to his ex-wife. The couple welcomed their first child earlier this year, around the time Martell spit on Melody.

The two had been dating for a few years, according to several sources. Arianne had previously been pregnant with his children, but the couple decided not to have a child and aborted the pregnancy.

Many fans believe Martell is still seeing Arionne because he divorced his wife and had a child with her, but this is not the case. Martell stated during a radio broadcast that he and Arionne are no longer together.

“I don’t have a romantic relationship with her. However, we are in a tough spot “In regards to his relationship status with his baby mama, the real estate agent stated.

Martell Holt’s Girlfriend: Who Is She Now?

Martell appears to be single at the moment. He has not mentioned who he is now dating following his divorce and splitting from Arianne.

A brief glance at his Instagram account reveals that he is savoring his time with his child, hinting that he has taken a sabbatical from the dating scene. Who knows what’s going on inside, though!