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Married Since 2004, Here Is What You Should Know About Bob Costas’ Wife Jill Sutton

Married Since 2004, Here Is What You Should Know About Bob Costas’ Wife Jill Sutton

Bob Costas is one of the most well-known sportscasters in the United States. He is best known for his NBC Sports profession as a sports analyst, which he has had for over a decade. From 1980 through 2019, Costas worked for NBC. Bob, who hosted eleven Olympic Games on prime time from 1992 to 2016, is now working for the MLB Network, covering his favorite sport, baseball.

Bob Costas, a multiple Emmy Award winner, has married twice throughout his life. From 1983 to 2001, he was married to Carole Krummenacher. Currently, Bob Costas is happily married to Jill Sutton, his second wife. Learn everything there is to know about Bob Costas’ wife, Jill Sutton Costas, right here.

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Bob Costas has been her husband since 2004.

Bob Costas, a 68-year-old broadcaster, dated Jill Sutton, an Illinois State University graduate, for a few years. There are no details about where and when the pair met available to the public. However, according to multiple accounts, Bob married his long-time fiancée, Jill Sutton, on March 14, 2004.

Bob Costas and Jill Sutton have been married since 2004. Social media is the source of this image.

As previously stated, Sutton is the sports commentator’s second wife. Bob Costas was previously married to Carole Krummenacher before marrying Sutton. In 1983, the former couple married. However, they were unable to maintain their connection for long due to a variety of unresolved marital issues. As a result, Bob and Carole divorced in 2001, ending their marriage.

For the time being, Bob appears to be committed to his current wife, Jill Sutton. The two frequently attend public events together. Unlike his previous colleague, Bob never hesitates to include Jill in his coverage of major sporting events. Bob’s supporters believe that his current marriage will continue forever because of Bob and Jill’s compatibility.

Bob Costas’ Children’s Stepmother

Bob and Jill Sutton do not appear to have adopted or given birth to children together during their marriage. After marrying Bob Costas, Jill Sutton became the proud stepmother to his two talented children from his previous marriage.

In 1986, Bob Costas and his ex-wife Carole Krummenacher received their first child, a son named Keith Michael Kirby Costas. Carole, on the other hand, gave birth to his youngest kid, Taylor Costas, in 1989.

Both of Bob Costas’ children appear to be following in their father’s footsteps in the entertainment industry in the United States. Taylor and Keith have won Sports Emmys for their work as associate producers. Taylor Costas, Bob Costas’ daughter, is well-known for her work as an associate producer on NBC’s 2012 Summer Olympics coverage. Keith, his son, works as an assistant producer on MLB Tonight on MLB Network.

Jill Sutton’s stepchildren live independently at the moment, but they see her frequently. Furthermore, the Costas family keeps their personal lives highly private.

Bob is causing her parents a lot of worry.

Don and Sue Sutton, Jill’s parents, enjoy a close relationship with their son-in-law, Bob Costas. Don and Sue, a well-known real-estate couple, are worried about their daughter’s spouse.

Bob Costas’ pink eye conjunctivitis illness in his eyes at the 2014 Sochi Olympics is well-known to almost all of his fans. Unfortunately, Bob contracted a small eye infection in Russia, which progressed to the point where his left eye was swollen shut and both eyes were as red as the old Soviet flag. As a result, Matt Lauer temporarily filled in for him on that particular night.

Well. Bob’s red eyes were a source of concern for more than just him and his family. At the time, his in-laws were likewise concerned. While Bob was gone, Don, Bob’s father-in-law, assured The Pantagraph that everything was well. However, they sensed something was awry the moment they saw Bob on the opening day of the Olympics. As a result, they texted their daughter, who informed them that it was a bacterial infection.

Bob is really blessed to have such a wonderful wife and supportive in-laws.

He lives in a mansion on the Newport Coast.

Bob and his wife Jill Sutton, both native New Yorkers who spent decades in St. Louis, now live in a 4,534-square-foot mansion in Newport Coast, California.

Jill and her husband Bob paid $4.7 million for their magnificent California home in 2013. Their home in Crystal Cove, a gated enclave, has four bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. It’s located on a corner lot near the Pacific Ocean, up a hill. In the central courtyard, there is also a wonderful salt water pool and landscaping.

Bob and Jill have been officially together for sixteen years. And the wonderful couple has many more years ahead of them.

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