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Married From 1973 To 2001, Learn More About Bryant Gumbel’s Ex-wife June Baranco

Married From 1973 To 2001, Learn More About Bryant Gumbel’s Ex-wife June Baranco

Bryant Charles Gumbel is an American sportscaster and television journalist who was born Bryant Charles Gumbel. Gumbel is best known for his fifteen years as a sports analyst on NBC’s Today show. He co-hosted NBC’s coverage of Major League Baseball, collegiate basketball, and the National Football League. Gumbel also presented HBO’s acclaimed series Bryant Gumbel’s Real Sports, which won a Peabody Award in 2012. Bryant is also known for being the younger brother of American sports analyst Greg Gumbel.

Bryant Gumbel, a multiple Emmy Award winner, has married twice in his life. Bryant is currently married to Hilary Quinlan, his second wife. Prior to this, he was married to June Baranco for approximately 28 years. Learn everything you need to know about Bryant Gumbel’s ex-wife June Baranco right here.

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From 1973 through 2001, she was married to Bryant Gumbel.

June Baranco, a graduate of Louisiana State University, married Bryant Gumbel, a sports announcer, on December 1, 1973. They married in front of their family and close friends in a private ceremony. Gumbel may have married June to please his father, Richard Dunbar Gumbel, according to the magazine SI. June piqued Richard’s interest the instant he spotted her on a tour in Chicago.

Gumbel and Baranco, the former couple, kept their married life completely hidden from the public eye. They had been married for more than two and a half decades. With the passage of time, however, their concern and affection for one another began to fade. Bryant and June eventually drifted apart and remained apart for several years. After a divorce in 2001, the couple called it quits.

In 1973, Bryant Gumbel married June Baranco. Social media is the source of this image.

Bryant Gumbel’s ex-wife, June, received their Upper East Side apartment and Westchester home, according to ABC News. In addition, June, a former Delta stewardess, received half of Bryant Gumbel’s estimated $20 million fortune as part of the divorce deal.

The official split of the former husband-wife couple sparked a slew of theories. Most web publications, on the other hand, said that June accused her ex-husband, Gumbel, of being a serial cheater over most of their marriage. Gumbel’s final straw came two years before their divorce when he moved in with his then-girlfriend and current wife, Hilary Quinlan.

Bryant Gumbel’s mother has two children.

Bryant and his estranged wife, June, spent twenty-eight years together and shared a lot of happiness and fond memories. They also have the pleasure of being the parents of two gorgeous children, Jillian Beth Gumbel, and Bradley Christopher Gumbel.

Bradley, the first child born to ex-partners Gumbel and Barranco, was born in 1978. Jillian Beth Baranco, the couple’s second child, was born in 1984. Following their parents’ divorce, they both lived with their mother. Despite the fact that the former marriage is no longer together, their children still have a strong bond with their father, Bryant.

Jillian Gumbel, the youngest of the Gumbel siblings, is a yoga instructor in Westchester, New York. She creates tailored workouts to target certain muscle areas. Gumbel’s daughter, after all, is married to William Russell Robins. She and her husband, William, are the proud parents of two children.

When it comes to Gumbel’s son, Bradley, he prefers to keep out of the spotlight. Despite this, he has a close relationship with his parents and sister and leads a healthy lifestyle away from the spotlight.

June Gumbel, Bryant Gumbel’s ex-wife, on Life After Divorce

Bryant Gumbel married Hilary Quinlan, his long-time fiancée and former Goldman Sachs researcher, after his divorce. They exchanged wedding vows on August 24, 2002, and have been frequently spotted together on red carpet events since then.

June Baranco, Bryant Gumbel’s ex-wife, leads a secluded life away from the media spotlight, avoiding needless press attention. She may be single to date after her divorce from her ex-husband, Bryant.

Bryant Gumbel, her ex-husband, had cancer surgery.

Bryant turned down his co-host Kelly Ripa’s offer to dance to introduce a section on the American talk show Live with Regis and Kelly in December 2009. Gumbel revealed that he was unable to dance since his doctor had advised him to rest following his cancer operation.

Gumbel, June Baranco’s ex-partner, told the media that a malignant tumor and a portion of his lung were removed in 2009. Some cancer cells were still present after the procedure. As a result, he underwent treatment and is now fully recovered. Bryant Gumbel is currently enjoying a happy and healthy life with his beloved wife, Hilary.

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