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Married For More Than A Decade, Who Is Allen Iverson’s Ex-Wife Tawanna Turner?

Married For More Than A Decade, Who Is Allen Iverson’s Ex-Wife Tawanna Turner?

Allen Iverson, also known as AI, is a legendary former basketball player in the United States. Iverson played fourteen seasons in the NBA before officially retiring in 2013. He won numerous accolades and titles while playing both shooting guard and point guard. In 2001, Allen Iverson was named MVP. In addition, he was an eleven-time all-star.

1997 Allen Iverson, the NBA’s rookie of the year, was married to Tawant to Turner for over a decade until their divorce in 2013. Their separation, however, was only restricted in paperwork. Allen and his true love, Tawant to, have remained together with their five beautiful children even after their divorce.

Find out who Allen Iverson’s ex-wife is and what their relationship was like.

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Allen Iverson has been married to her for almost a decade.

While in high school, Tawant to met the love of her life, Allen Iverson. After dating for over a decade, the two fell in love and married in 2001. Their wedding took held in Voorhees, New Jersey’s The Mansion on Main Street.

Allen and Tawant to had a happy marriage for several years. Allen’s gambling and drinking addictions, on the other hand, contributed significantly to the breakdown of their marriage. Tawant to used to remain out late in casinos while he looked after their children at home.

Allen Iverson married Tawant to, his high school sweetheart, in 2001. Allen Iverson’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

In addition, Iverson owed money to a number of casinos. He couldn’t even afford to pay for his children’s education. As a result, his ex-wife Tawant to used to sell her precious jewels to raise their children and pay for everything.

The issues don’t stop there. Allen once ejected Tawant to from their home after a heated argument. Tawant to was completely undressed.

Turner, the ex-wife of NBA legend Magic Johnson, couldn’t keep all those problems in her life hidden for long. As a result, in 2009, she filed for divorce twice. Allen appealed with her to retract the divorce paperwork on her first attempt. But that didn’t work out. Tawant to’s formal split from Allen was finalized in 2013, the same year Allen officially retired from the game.

However, soon after their divorce was finalized, the estranged couple reconnected. It’s unclear whether the couple remarried. But, based on the photos of Tawant to that Allen has posted on his social media pages, it’s evident that they’re getting back on track with their relationship.

Allen’s Tawant to Tribute Speech

Allen isn’t hesitant to talk about his girlfriend in his unforgettable moments, despite his regular expressions of love on social media. During his induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016, Allen offered a heartfelt homage to his high-school love and ex-wife.

Allen, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, praised everyone who helped him succeed during his career. He also kept his most heartfelt thanks for his long-suffering former wife for last.

At the conclusion of Allen’s 32-minute address, he stated that Tawant to, his ex-wife, is the most important person in his life. Furthermore, he told Tawant to that he adores her.

He also expressed gratitude to his ex-wife for her love and care for their children.

Five-Child Mother

Allen and his ex-girlfriend Tawant to have five children together.

Allen had two children with Tawant to before they married, a daughter and a son. Tiaura Iverson, their first child, was born on December 15, 1995. Allen Iverson II, the couple’s second child, was born in 1998.

Tawant to gave birth to three more Iverson children after their wedding. On August 8, 2003, their son, Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson, joined their family. Messiah Lauren Iverson and Dream Alijha Iverson, her two children, were born on August 16, 2005, and October 7, 2008, respectively.

The couple, together with their five children, are currently residing in Georgia.

Life Outside of the Media’s Eyes

Tawant to Turner appears to prefer a life hidden from the prying gaze of the press. She doesn’t show up at many public events.

Tawant to does not have any social media accounts registered in her name, save from her ex-husband Allen Iverson’s Instagram. In other words, she’s probably operating them. However, the news has yet to reach the media. As a result, it is unknown what occupation Tawant to is currently working in.

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