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Married For Almost A Decade, Where Is Bill Walton’s Ex-wife Susan Guth Now?

Married For Almost A Decade, Where Is Bill Walton’s Ex-wife Susan Guth Now?

Bill Walton is one of the most well-known figures in the NBA. The present sportscaster had an illustrious NBA career, winning MVP and a championship with the Portland Trail Blazers in 1978. Despite multiple ailments and surgeries, he played two seasons for the Boston Celtics before retiring.

Bill is happily married to Lori Matsuoka, in addition to having a successful career. Susie Walton, alias Susan Guth, was Walton’s first wife, but few people are aware of her. As a result, we’ve arrived at a point where we’re endeavoring to throw light on Bill Walton’s ex-wife, Susan Guth. Enjoy!

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For Several Decades, I’ve been a Parent Educator/Family Coach.

Susan Guth, as Susie Walton, Bill Walton’s ex-wife, rose to popularity as a result of their marriage. She is, however, as well-known as Bill in her field of specialization, that of parenting coach. She has been a family coach since 1990 and continues to work in the industry.

Furthermore, Bill Walton’s former spouse assisted over 10,000 families in finding peace and strengthening their links. Susie has also led a number of parenting classes and seminars, as well as hands-on workshops, training, and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Susan Guth, Bill Walton’s former wife, wrote a book called Key to Personal Freedom: How Myths Affect Our Family Lives, in addition to aiding individuals. Walton’s book, which was released in 2009, functioned as her online parenting program.

Susie established herself in parenting, family dynamics, and communication as a result of her mission of creating peace through families. She went on to win the renowned San Diego Parent Educator of the Year Award and finally founded Indigo Village.

Indigo Village’s creator

Susie has been assisting families since 1991, and she has established herself as one of the most respected coaches in the area. Ms. Susie Walton, aka Susan Guth, founded Indigo Village in 2005 after years of self-practice.

The reputable organization grew in size while inspiring individuals and families to live prosperous and passionate lives. The mother of four sons, who formerly sought advice on how to raise children, has evolved into a pioneer in parent education. Thousands of families have benefited from the Indigo Village’s educational and experimental-based parenting and child development programs.

Susie Walton is a highly sought-after parenting expert. As a result, Susie Walton, aka Susan Guth, is more than just a single mother and ex-missus of Bill Walton.

Let’s look into Bill Walton’s marriage to Susan while we’re at it. Ready?

Walton has been married to me for a decade.

Bill Walton, the tall, lanky man with a lot to say and a lot to be happy about, had a tumultuous marriage with Susie Walton. On February 24, 1979, the couple married and had four children together.

Furthermore, Walton is a private person, so there isn’t much to say about his former marriage. The pair, on the other hand, opened out about their difficulties. Bill, Susan Guth’s ex-husband, was enjoying his newfound celebrity when they wedded. Winning many MVP awards and leading his teams to the NBA finals assisted his opulent lifestyle as they progressed in their new relationship.

The celebrity persisted, but their marriage remained troubled for the rest of their lives. As a result, the former Walton couple split after a decade of marriage and four sons, which may have had a significant impact on their children.

Both Bill and Susie have since moved on and are having prosperous lives on their own. Furthermore, Bill married his present wife, Lori Matsuoka, in 1991, while Susie maintains her anonymity.

Let’s chat about Bill Walton’s sons with Susan Guth, alias Susie Walton, who is a successful businesswoman in her own right.

Four Children Welcoming Each Other

Susan Guth, Bill Walton’s ex-wife, did not raise a loser. The Walton couple had four children throughout their marriage. Susie gave birth to her first son, Adam Walton, on January 14, 1978, and her second son, Nathan Walton, on January 14, 1979.

Luke Walton, Susie’s third child, was born on March 28, 1980, and Chris Walton, Susie’s youngest, was born a few years later. The Walton siblings are very close and like their solitude.

Susan Guth, Bill Walton’s ex-wife, gave birth to four sons. Social media is the source of this image.

Bill Walton’s sons with Susan are very successful in the business world. Furthermore, Walton’s son, Luke Walton, is a well-known basketball coach who has been the head coach of the Sacramento Kings since 2019. Furthermore, Nathan adapted his father’s basketball passion, while Adam worked hard to maintain the family’s tradition.

Similarly, Chris Walton, Bill Walton’s youngest son with Susan, is making his way up the basketball ladder. Before graduating in 2004, he played at San Diego State. Chris, like his father, experienced a number of serious injuries. He is currently living a reclusive yet affluent life, attempting to write another chapter in the Walton family’s history.

Susan Guth, Bill Walton’s ex-wife, is a successful family coach, a proud mother, and a grandma who is living the good life.

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