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Mark Rober Net Worth – Besides Being A YouTuber, He’s Also An Engineer, And Inventor

Mark Rober Net Worth – Besides Being A YouTuber, He’s Also An Engineer, And Inventor

Mark Rober is a well-known YouTuber from the United States who has been active in the community since the early 2010s. Rober’s work is noted for its combination of technology and humor, and a single video can garner millions of views.

After more than a decade on YouTube, the creative creator has amassed not only fame but also a sizable income. So, what is Mark Rober’s net worth and how does he make money? To find out, stay with us until the finish.

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Mark Rober’s Net Worth And Sources Of Income

Mark Rober’s net worth is believed to be around $5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His YouTube career helped him accumulate such a large wealth. He was also a NASA engineer and worked for Apple, which must have contributed to his wealth.

Engineers Earnings

Mark Rober holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in mechanical engineering, which he put to good use at NASA. Rober joined NASA and worked at the JPL (NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory) shortly after receiving his degree. From 2004 through 2013, he worked there for nine years.

Mark spent seven of his nine years at NASA working on the Curiosity rover. The rover is now conducting a number of experiments on Mars. On several JPL missions, Rober was also involved in the design and delivery of hardware.

Mark Rober made a lot of money working for NASA as a mechanical engineer. Mark Rober’s Instagram is the source of this image.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a NASA mechanical engineer is $80,000 per year. They may also obtain additional compensation and cash bonuses as a result of their efforts. Mark Rober’s compensation may have been in the same range, if not more, had he worked for the space firm for nine years.

Rober also spent four years as a Product Design Engineer at Apple Inc., where he started in 2015. He was a member of Apple’s Special Projects Group, according to his LinkedIn profile. He is said to have assisted the firm in developing a virtual reality system for entertainment in self-driving automobiles.

Mark Rober’s pay must have been substantial as a result of his involvement in these initiatives. Furthermore, because the products’ patents include his name, the California native may be entitled to a portion of the profits generated after sales.

Mark worked at Morph Costumes for a year before joining Apple Inc. as the vice president of New Product Design. Rober must have made a lot of money working for these companies throughout the years.

He is currently concentrating on his YouTube career and has yet to join another company. However, given his expanding celebrity, it appears that Mark does not need to work for a large corporation to make a fortune.

Earnings from YouTube

As previously stated, Mark Rober is currently concentrating on his YouTube career, which he began in 2011. Rober was still working for NASA when he began filming popular films on a variety of subjects. In October 2011, he uploaded his first video to YouTube, describing his gaping hole in the torso – Halloween Costume.

He’s released about 100 videos since then, several of which have received millions of views. Furthermore, Mark Rober’s channel has 19.2 million members and 2.2 billion cumulative video views.

He makes videos about everything from technology to pranks.

Mark Rober’s revenues from his YouTube channel are expected to be between $12.1K and $193.7K each month and $145.3K to $2.3 million per year, according to Social Blade.

Rober’s income from YouTube will undoubtedly increase in the following days as his subscriber count and video views continue to rise. Mark Rober’s net worth could rise significantly as a result of his earnings.

Merch sales and creative engineering classes bring in money.

To promote their works, several online creators and musicians have started merch lines. Mark Rober has also released his own stuff, including apparel and accessories, as a popular YouTuber.

The following are some of the things available in Rober’s store, along with their prices:

Products Prices
Tiki Logo Tee $25.00
Phat Gus Tee $25.00
Logo Blueprint Long Sleeve Tee $35.00
Glitter Bomb Wireframe Hoodie $55.00
Logo Joggers $45.00
Classic Mark Rober Backpack $65.00
Phat Gus Plush Toy $30.00
40MPH Speed Square Blanket $89.00
Glitter Bomb Magnet $8.00
Blueprint 32Oz Narrow Mouth Nalgene $25.00

Not only do these products exist, but Mark Rober’s website also has build instructions for a variety of objects. Those interested can watch videos on how to make items such as a Flying Selfie Phone Case, a Rocket Golf Club, a Snowball Machine Gun, and more.

Additionally, Rober offers month-long creative engineering workshops on Through this course, he has already aided numerous pupils in the construction of a variety of items.

Those interested in taking the creative course must pay $249 for the 30-day course. Many people, however, have already completed the course and provided glowing reviews and explanations of what they learnt.

Given the popularity of Mark Rober’s month-long creative engineering course, it’s safe to say that his net worth has increased significantly since its start.

Mark Rober’s Charitable Ventures is a non-profit organization founded by Mark Rober.

Mark Rober astonished everyone when he revealed that he has a son after nearly a decade of filming YouTube videos. He also mentioned how he was hesitant to share information about his child because he is on the autism spectrum.

Mark went on to say that he was going to do a live webcast to raise money for the charity NEXT for AUTISM. The $1 million goal for the Color the Spectrum charity live stream had already been met halfway before the event.

The YouTuber and host Jimmy Kimmel co-hosted the live stream. John Oliver, Chris Rock, The Merrell Twins, Adam Sandler, MrBeast, and Paul Rudd were among the YouTubers and Hollywood celebs who joined the stream.

At the conclusion of the three-hour live, $3.63 million had been raised, which was donated to an organization that assists autistic persons.

The former NASA engineer’s charitable project, on the other hand, will surely benefit those in need. But, thanks to his million-dollar fortune, he lives a nice existence. Rober and his wife, Lisa, live in Sunnyvale, California, with their son.


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