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Mark Levin’s Illness Doesn’t Stop Him: ‘I’m not leaving!’

Mark Levin’s Illness Doesn’t Stop Him: ‘I’m not leaving!’

Mark Levin’s political radio show, The Mark Levin Show, is well-known. LevinTV, Levin’s television show, premiered in 2020.

Levin is noted for giving his distinct viewpoint on pro-American and patriotic beliefs on the show, which is presently in its second season.

Levin’s fame extends beyond his television series; he is also the author of six New York Times best-selling books, including Plunder and Deceit.

Professionally, he is a lawyer who formerly worked in President Ronald Reagan’s administration and as Attorney General Edwin Meese’s chief of staff.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States Department of Education and Deputy Solicitor of the United States Department of the Interior are among the many positions held by the multifaceted personality.

Levin’s achievements during his distinguished career have not gone unnoticed, as the American lawyer has received numerous renowned accolades.

Levin has received a number of honors, including the inaugural American Conservative Union Ronald Reagan Award, the Media Research Center’s William F. Buckley Award for Media Excellence, and the Gene Burns Memorial Award for Freedom of Speech, according to the Premiere Speakers Bureau.

Unfortunately, the American lawyer has a history of heart disease, and his health problems are well-known.

Levin’s Heart Attack Recovery

The lawyer had a massive heart attack in June 2000 and required bypass surgery to save his life.

During an exclusive interview with National Review in 2007, Levin discussed his recuperation and how his mixed-breed dog Pepsi, a Border Collie mix, assisted him during his recovery.

Levin initially mentioned in the discussion that he experienced issues following a major cardiac operation. As a result, the bureaucrat spent a few months “in and out of hospitals.”

Later, he discussed his recovery from a heart attack. According to Levin, his dog Pepsi was always by his side when he was recovering at home, happy and wagging his tail at “the speed of sound.”

Levin’s devoted puppy was constantly in need of his attention and wanted to play with him.

Levin’s dog displayed loyalty and never left his sight, whether he was on bed rest or sitting up in a chair.

Levin went for brief walks with Pepsi after he had recovered significantly.

The dog enthusiast even thanked his loyal companion for keeping him going despite his health problems.

When asked about Pepsi’s motivation, Levin stated,

The Struggle of Mark Levin with Chronic Illness

Levin’s heart disease resurfaced while he was in Virginia with his family for a festival earlier in September, according to the Washington Examiner.

The conservative commentator later made his sickness public on his radio show, detailing how he felt immense pressure on his chest as he walked away after parking his car.

Levin claims that his heart ailment worsened overnight, prompting him to seek medical care the next day.

Levin was admitted to the hospital and had a stent placed in his artery to help with blood flow.

During the talk program, Levin described his cardiac ailment as “quite aggressive,” but he maintained his resolve, saying that despite his illness, he is “not going anywhere.”