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Marilyn Denis Is Engaged 40 Years Later, And Her Wedding Is Scheduled For Prom – Her Story

Marilyn Denis Is Engaged 40 Years Later, And Her Wedding Is Scheduled For Prom – Her Story

Like the star-crossed love stories (read fairytales) we all heard with swoony eyes as children, Canadian radio and TV personality Marilyn Denis fell in love with someone, was estranged for forty years, and then got engaged to him by chance.

She is most known for hosting the long-running radio show Roger and Marilyn (formerly Roger, Rick, and Marilyn) and her own television show The Marilyn Denis Show.

Watch Marilyn Denis conduct her own talk program on CTV, The Marilyn Denis Show, where she interviews renowned people. (Originally published on July 12, 2018)

Marilyn maintains a healthy lifestyle by getting enough sleep, working out often, and eating well. She has lost a significant amount of weight for someone who was previously slightly overweight.

Bio of Marilyn Denis (Age)

Marilyn Denis, a radio personality, was born on July 1, 1958, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was always interested in broadcasting and earned a bachelor’s degree in radio, television, and advertising from the University of Idaho.

The University of Idaho later awarded her an honorary Ph.D. in the humane letter.

Marilyn Denis has a radio and television career.

Marilyn began her career as a DJ at a local radio station in Moscow, Idaho, before moving to Calgary, Alberta, to work for CJAY-FM. Her most popular radio show, however, is Roger and Marilyn on CHUM-FM, where she has worked for almost 42 years, from 1986 until now.

She also worked for CFCN-TV as an entertainment reporter and weather announcer while in Calgary, launching her television career alongside her radio career. She has spent 19 years on television as the host of the conversation show Cityline. She established her own show, The Marilyn Dennis Show, shortly after leaving Cityline.

Denis, Marilyn’s son, is following in his mother’s footsteps.

She gave birth to her son Adam Wylde on April 13, 1988, when her career was only getting started. Soon after, she divorced her then-husband and raised her son on her own as a working mother.

And it appears that she did an excellent job, as Adam has decided to follow in his mother’s footsteps and work in radio. He is well known as the host of KiSS 92.5’s Blake and Wylde Show.

Adam is currently a married man of 30 years of age.

After 40 years apart, they are engaged to their high-school sweetheart in a fairy tale love story.

Marilyn announced her engagement to Jim, her high school sweetheart and prom date, on May 8, this year. Jim reportedly took Marilyn on a high-school prom date forty years before becoming her boyfriend and eventually married.

Following that, the pair lost contact due to a variety of factors. After forty years apart, Marilyn and Jim reunite and become fiances, then husband and wife, as if nothing had happened.

They married approximately a month after being engaged in a beautiful wedding on June 21, bringing the star-crossed love story to a perfect finish.

Who’d have guessed Jim and Marilyn would rediscover one other after forty years, let alone marry in their sixties? But, as ridiculous as that may seem, they did.

It appears that star-crossed love stories exist in real life as well!