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Marie Forleo lists five things she appreciates about her husband.

Marie Forleo lists five things she appreciates about her husband.

Marie Forleo, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker, has a successful career. Oprah Winfrey has called Forleo a “thinking leader for the next generation,” and she has a happy marriage.

For over a decade, MarieTV’s founder has been married to actor Josh Pais. Forleo recently shared a one-minute video on Instagram detailing the five things she appreciates about her spouse.

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I’ll be eternally grateful to have Pais as my husband.

The motivational speaker created a video highlighting five things she admires in her husband.

Pais’ first quality she cited in the film was that he has brought her a hot beverage in the morning at least 1500 times over their 11 years together.

The capacity of her husband to make her laugh and his out-of-this-world sense of humor is the second thing Forleo is grateful for.

Furthermore, the motivational speaker expressed her gratitude for Pais’s habit of being the first to apologize following their disagreements.

She then congratulated him on his abilities to assist her in slowing down and enjoying life. Above all, Forleo expressed her gratitude for the delectable blueberry banana walnut peanut butter pancakes he prepares for her and her pals.

She explained in the caption of her video that instead of making general words about how much she appreciates her spouse, she should be more particular about the things for which he or she is grateful.

The motivational speaker advised her followers to practice gratitude as an emotional exercise for themselves and their relationships.

Entrepreneur with a variety of interests

We live in a society where various business manuals tell us to “be a king of one craft rather than a jack of all trades.”

The multi-passionate entrepreneur discovered that she didn’t fit that model, and her diverse interests made it impossible for her to focus on just one thing, prompting her to rebel.

The 45-year-old found herself ruminating on several employment alternatives on a regular basis. In an interview with Success magazine, Forleo stated that when asked, “What do you want to be?” as a child, her replies would constantly change and extend.

Her wide range of interests continued to grow as she grew older. As a result, she has worked in a variety of positions within the sector. She couldn’t find what she was looking for, though.

Forleo told Success that she used to be embarrassed when people asked about her job until she coined the phrase “multi-passionate entrepreneur,” and the rest is history.

Her professional path was completely altered after becoming associated with this term. The motivational speaker explained that it provided her with a completely new framework in which she could discuss all of her things.