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Lydia Kenney, Arizona Zervas’ girlfriend, was once Logan Paul’s assistant.

Lydia Kenney, Arizona Zervas’ girlfriend, was once Logan Paul’s assistant.

Arizona Zervas is an American rapper and songwriter who has written hit songs such as ‘RIP,’ ‘Fast,’ and ‘Roxanne.’

His personal life is as happy as his flourishing job. He’s been dating Lydia Kenney, an Instagram influencer who began her career as a personal assistant to YouTuber Logan Paul.

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Kenney’s and Zervas’s Relationship

Kenney, Zervas’ girlfriend and he have been dating since early 2019. While they haven’t revealed how or when they met or began dating, their first photo shared on Kenney’s Instagram speaks for itself.

The snapshot from April 2019 suggests they were already dating at the time and were in Indio, California.

The couple has kept their relationship extremely private, only sharing photos of each other on special occasions such as birthdays and Valentine’s Day.

Kenney referred to Zervas as her king on Zervas’ 26th birthday, April 19, 2021, when she Instagrammed a series of their images. In response, the ‘FML’ singer used black love emojis to express his gratitude.

Kenney Shot to Fame after Working with Logan Paul

Kenney, whose full name is Lydia Rose Kenney, rose to prominence after Logan Paul, a well-known YouTuber, hired her as his assistant and exposed her to millions of his fans.

In August 2017, he presented her in a video titled ‘MY NEW ASSISTANT IS EVEN SHORTER!’ The video has been seen over 17 million times.

Following her debut, Kenney appeared in several of Paul’s videos, making her a familiar face to millions of Logan’s followers and assisting in her rapid climb to stardom. On Instagram, the former assistant has over 400K followers.

Kenney is a fan of Zervas’s work.

Kenney makes sure that her social media followers, no matter how large, are kept up to date on Zervas’ music.

Kenney tweets about his songs and encourages her followers to listen to them whenever he releases a new album on Twitter. These tiny yet heartfelt efforts enable Zervas to reach a wider audience and expand his already growing fan base.