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Lucas Coly’s Young Age Romance Is Still Going Strong! Amber

Lucas Coly’s Young Age Romance Is Still Going Strong! Amber

Lucas Coly is a recording artist, social media sensation, and Vine sensation. He first developed a large fan base by rapping in both English and French on Vine, but he is now best known for his 1.7 million Instagram followers. He is a developing sensation among teenagers because of his unusual hairdo.

He also uploads music videos to his YouTube site and releases his tracks on SoundCloud. Along with Willie Fryson III and Dillyn Troy, he was a member of the rap group Diamondz.

Lucas was also a member of the ‘Lucas & Nonso’ musical duo. He released the mixtape ‘Prince of France’ in 2016, which featured 20 tracks. Following the popularity of the mixtape, he released a new mixtape in June 2017 called ‘I Keep Pushing Vol 1’.

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Lucas Coly’s Parents and Age

Lucas, also known as Kid On July 8th, Lucas turns eight years old. He was born in France in 1997 but now resides in Las Vegas. His father is a West African, and his mother is a French-born white woman. As a result, he is of mixed racial descent.

He and his parents relocated to Texas, USA, when he was around eight years old. He also has a younger brother, who is ten years his junior.

After barely completing his graduation, Coly, who struggled in school, relocated to San Francisco with his parents. He was always interested in music as a child and later decided to make it his career. His parents, he claims, not only listen to his songs but also totally encourage his musical interests.

How much money does Lucas have?

Lucas, who is 1.85 meters tall, has a YouTube channel with over 333 thousand subscribers. He released the mixtape ‘Prince of France’ in 2016, and the music video for his song ‘I Just Wanna’ has over 4.7 million views on YouTube, making it one of his most popular videos.

We can guess that his net worth is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, given his expanding fame.

Lucas Coly is dating an Instagram sensation.

Kid Lucas, a rapper and social media phenomenon, is dating YouTuber and Instagram superstar Amber H. In November 2015, they met on Instagram for the first time. They instantly clicked and have been interacting every day since. They later met in person, began dating, and finally moved in together.

Aside from their personal YouTube channel, the couple has a second Lucas and Amber account.

Amber, Lucas’s girlfriend, has a YouTube channel where she posts beauty and makeup tutorials. He also appears on her eponymous YouTube channel for vlogs and other types of videos on a regular basis.