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Love Life Of The Meteorologist Couple, Maria Molina And Reed Timmer

Love Life Of The Meteorologist Couple, Maria Molina And Reed Timmer

For a brief period of time, Reed Timmer, a well-known American meteorologist and storm chaser, was married to Maria Janeth Molina. Molina has also served as a meteorologist for FOX News Channel.

Both people were a fantastic match for each other, especially in terms of their same interests. Their marriage may have only lasted a few years, but they had a lot of fun while they were together.

Let’s look into Reed Timmer and Maria Molina’s love lives and get to know them better in the video below.

Meteorologist Superpowers

As previously stated, the two ex-lovers are both meteorologists. Timmer, who was born on March 17, 1980, participated in the documentary film Tornado Glory and on the Discovery Channel’s reality television series Storm Chasers.

The meteorology hero has been interested in weather since he was a child and is a member of several storm chasing teams. He also modified a handful of storm-chasing trucks to include the necessary equipment.

Maria Molina, on the other hand, has a Ph.D. from Central Michigan University and previously worked for FOX. The 34-year-old is presently pursuing a postdoctoral position with the National Center for Atmospheric Research’s Advanced Study Program (ASP).

She grew up in the Republic of Nicaragua and is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist with the American Meteorologist Society.

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Love At First Sight is a movie about a couple who fall in love

Maria Molina, Reed Timmer’s ex-wife, met him for the first time in 2014. The former couple was sent to Mayflower, Arkansas, to cover a tornado, and that’s where the magic happened.

Their first meeting was love at first sight because they shared similar interests. They began dating immediately after meeting in Arkansas.

The couple would get engaged informally the following year, when the storm chaser had a buddy photograph his proposal with a tornado in the background.

Engagement in the Water

In March of 2015, Maria Molina and her ex-husband Reed Timmer announced their engagement.

Apart from the fact that it was a weather-themed celebration, the underwater photoshoot was the most thrilling aspect of their engagement. Adam Opris, a skilled underwater portrait photographer, was in charge of the session.

Reed Timmer and Maria Molina had their engagement photos taken underwater. Adam Opris’ Facebook page provided the image.

The shoot took place in the Biltmore Hotel’s pool in Miami, where the ex-partners battled for the perfect photo. The meteorologist even stated that the two had ingested hundreds of gallons of water. He also mentioned that, while the photo appears to be stunning, the technique was quite challenging.

Nonetheless, they appeared to be having a great time, didn’t they?

A Wedding in the Shadow of an Active Volcano

The wedding of Reed Timmer and Maria Molina was more weather-related than their engagement. The former couple married in one of the most unique ways on December 23rd, 2015.

Their wedding took place on top of the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua, which is one of the most active volcanoes in the Western Hemisphere. Despite the life-threatening dangers, the event was a smash hit with a dash of fire and brimstone.

The couple’s passion for meteorology was evident throughout the ceremony. Their wedding had the right and thrilling atmosphere because Molina is a Nicaraguan native. The ceremony was even interrupted by a dust devil as Reed’s soon-to-be wife walked down the aisle.

Their relationship lasted only a few years.

Maria Molina and Reed Timmer’s marriage only lasted three years, despite having such a remarkable engagement and wedding.

There are a variety of reasons why the fans of harsh weather have split off. Reed Timmer’s passion for storm chasing was one of them. Reed was continually following storms around, according to his ex-wife, rather than settling down.

Because of his large fan base for his dangerous exploits, the 41-year-old is always pushing himself into hazardous weather conditions. Their marriage had an exhilarating start, but it didn’t last long.

Gizmo and Cumulus, the couple’s two dogs, were born during their brief marriage.

Relationships in the Past

Unlike Maria Molina, her ex-husband Reed Timmer was a lady’s man. Before marrying the FOX channel host, the Tornado Chasers star had two verified relationships.

All of Reed’s verified lovers are fellow meteorologists, thus he has a thing for girls who are into meteorology. Ginger Zee and Jene Young have dated the University of Oklahoma’s P.h.D. holder.

Zee and Young, like Molina, are both meteorologists with similar interests to Reed. Maria hasn’t said anything about her previous partnerships.

Maria Molina and Reed Timmer’s love story didn’t continue long, despite the fact that they shared similar interests and worked in the same area. Both are currently pursuing their passions.

We wish the ex-couples the best in the days ahead and hope they will meet paths again.

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