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Love Life Of Married YouTuber Couple Karina Garcia And Raul Aguilar

Love Life Of Married YouTuber Couple Karina Garcia And Raul Aguilar

Karina Garcia, an American YouTuber, married her longtime boyfriend Raul Aguilar, alias Squishy. After a five-year relationship, the couple tied the knot. In November 2015, on the night of their third anniversary, Karina used an exclusive YouTube video to introduce her better half Raul to her adoring followers.

Karina, the slime queen, is a well-known media personality who is also known for her DIY films. As of June 2020, her channel had over 9.2 million subscribers. She has a large number of male viewers and fans, despite the fact that she normally makes films to help girls. Raul, Karina’s spouse, is famous for his YouTube channel, ‘Squishy.’

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Raul and Karina have been together for a long time.

Karina, the renowned YouTuber, and her husband, Raul, have been married for more than five years, as previously stated. On Valentine’s Day, 2018, Karina Garcia’s husband Raul proposed to her, and the two went for a walk and a drink.

The couple frequently posts images and videos of themselves having fun and traveling to new places. Karina and her partner Raul appear to be having a great time.

Karina, a YouTuber, and her husband Raul on their wedding day.

Karina’s Twitter is the source of this image.

As of today, the couple appears to be happily together, and there are no reports of their breakup.

Wedding of Karina Garcia and Raul Aguilar

Karina and her spouse Raul have been together since 2014, and on May 6, 2019, they married. After dating for five years, the stunning Karina and her husband, Raul, married on May 7, 2019. Karina was ecstatic to be able to post the video to her YouTube channel.

Flowers, lights, and gifts glistened in the church. On the day of their wedding, Karina and her husband, Raul’s best friends, were invited. The gorgeous duo was dressed to the nines and appeared to be a match made in heaven.

The wedding footage appears to be a movie scenario. When Karina and her husband Raul were dancing together, we could definitely feel their joy and amazement. And there appeared to be a wedding reception where everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Because the couple has been together for so long, who knows if Karina Garcia and Raul Aguilar are intending to start a family soon.

Two Lovebirds Are a Match Made In Heaven

Karina and Raul, the adorable married pair, are made for one other. Their love for one other is still as new as it was when they first met. Karin is overjoyed to have a husband like Raul Aguilar, who is both loving and compassionate. On May 7, 2020, the couple celebrated their one anniversary. It’s only been a year, but they’re bound to go on forever.

The YouTuber routinely updates her Instagram with photographs of herself and her hubby. They have indeed set an example of true love. As a result, Karina Garcia and Raul Aguilar’s love for one another is boundless.

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