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Love Life Of Ex-Couple Sarah Ward And Tom Hardy, Revealed Divorce Reason

Love Life Of Ex-Couple Sarah Ward And Tom Hardy, Revealed Divorce Reason

It’s not simple to be married to someone who has the opposite taste in life. To have a successful marriage, one must devote enough time and have a sense of commitment. Otherwise, the relationship may end sooner or later. In Sarah Ward’s life, a similar situation developed.

If you’re wondering who Sarah Ward is, she’s the ex-wife of Hollywood actor Tom Hardy. She is the first wife of the VENOM actor, who has been silent in the public eye for a long time. Here, we’ll look into the love lives of ex-couple Sarah Ward and Tom Hardy, as well as the reasons behind their split.

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Tom Hardy and Sarah Ward’s Relationship

Sarah Ward is a woman who keeps to herself. She doesn’t reveal a lot about herself. While most of Sarah’s life is hidden from view, one truth cannot be overlooked: she was formerly married to Tom Hardy.

In 1999, Tom Hardy married Sarah Ward. Image credit: Tom Hardy/Facebook.

The story of how Hardy and Ward met and fell in love has remained hidden from the public eye. Furthermore, the split couple did not discuss their relationship even when they were together. Despite Sarah and Tom’s strict secrecy, several reports claim that they married quickly.

In 1999, Sarah Ward and Tom Hardy exchanged vows. Everything between the married couple appeared to be in order. Away from the media hysteria, they appeared to be living a good life. Sarah, on the other hand, filed for divorce from Tom, which was finalized in 2004, and the two lovers split ways.

Divorce: Causes and Consequences

Many theories have been proposed as to why Sarah Ward and Tom Hardy’s marriage was doomed. However, according to multiple sources, Tom Hardy’s addiction troubles and his inability to devote time to Sarah prompted the ex-couple to call it quits.

Tom Hardy was a fledgling actor when he married Sarah Ward. After starring in the miniseries Band of Brothers in 2001, he went on to act in the film Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002. The film, however, was a flop. As a result, Hardy developed a drug and alcohol addiction, resulting in a strained relationship between the then-husband and wife.

Furthermore, Tom dated Korean-American actress Linda Park while still married to his first wife, Sarah. As a result of all of these factors, there were fissures in Hardy and Ward’s relationship. As a result, Sarah was unable to ignore her marital problems for long and filed for divorce, which was legalized in 2004.

Ex-Couples’ Relationships After Divorce

Sarah Ward, Tom Hardy’s ex-wife and star of The Dark Knight Rises, has vanished from the spotlight following their divorce. She hasn’t been seen in public in quite some time. Most likely, she is living her life away from the prying eyes of the media.

Tom Hardy, Sarah Ward’s celebrity ex-husband, did not, however, remain unmarried for long. Following his divorce with Ward, he began dating Assistant Director and fellow actress Rachael Speed. Before their breakup in 2009, Hardy and Speed welcomed their son Louis Hardy together.

Hardy’s search for true love did not end with his divorce from Rachael, his baby mama. Charlotte Riley, his sweetheart, he met in 2009. The pair dated for a few months before tying the knot in 2010. Hardy and Riley married in a private ceremony in July 2014, without the knowledge of the public.

Charlotte and Tom have two children, a daughter and a son, together. The couple called their son Forrest Hardy, while never revealing the name of their daughter in the media. Riley’s favorite 1994 classic film, Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks, inspired them to name their second child Forrest.

Tom Hardy is currently enjoying a happy life with his wife, Charlotte Riley, while his ex-wife, Sarah Ward, appears to be avoiding the spotlight.

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