Look Into Mama Dragun’s Tattoos And Know Their Meaning


Mama Dragun a.k.a. Mama Dragun a.k.a. Mama Dragun a.k.a. Mama Dragun a.k.a. Mama Dragun a.k.a Nikita Dragun is a well-known YouTuber with millions of followers. The “mother of Draguns” has a large number of tattoos on her body. Her body is covered in lovely inks and colors.

Mama Dragun’s skin could be likened to a piece of sketch paper on which creative works are shown. Similarly, Nikita appears to have a thing for cool and fantastic tattoos. She may also be a talented tattoo artist.

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Nikita has a number of different dragon tattoos.

Nikita has a dragon tattoo on her chest and a flaming Red Dragon on her spine-back. She also has a dragon head tattooed on her left rib cage and a dragon on her left hip area. On the wrist of her right hand is a snake-like dragon. We can deduce from all of this that she adores the fabled beast.

Mama Dragun’s torso is covered in dragon tattoos. Steal Her Style is the source of this image.

As a result, it represents the YouTuber’s personality. Her tattoos appear to be a representation of her nickname “Dragun,” which means “Dragon.” The dragon tattoo represents power, protection, and knowledge. Nikita must have gutted it out with remarkable strength because she is a transexual woman.

On her right rib cage, she has a Vietnamese Buddha.

Nikita also has a tattoo of the Vietnamese Buddha, who is the god of Mercy in Vietnamese Buddhism. The Buddha is meditating quietly on the Lotus flower. The tattoo appears to be basic, but it is quite artistic and beautiful.

We can fairly easily infer that she is merciful because her tattoo characterizes her. Similarly, she appears to be pious and a God believer.

Despite the fact that Mama Dragun has yet to share anything regarding her Vietnamese tattoo.

Nikita’s left wrist has an Arabic word on it.

Nikita has the Arabic word “” tattooed on her arm. Her reddish-colored tattoo on her left hand can plainly be seen. The Arabic word “Dragon” has the meaning “Dragon,” which emphasizes the nickname “Dragun.”

On her wrist is an Arabic phrase that meaning “dragon.” Steal Her Style is the source of this image.

The tattoo’s red color represents a variety of things, including fire, blood, and passion. It also depicts love, among other things, in a comparable way. As a result, the YouTuber has a strong desire for artistic and unusual tattoos.