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Look At All Of Alvin Gentry’s Teams He Has Coached

Look At All Of Alvin Gentry’s Teams He Has Coached

Alvin Gentry, a veteran basketball coach, is a well-known figure in the NBA. He’s been a coach in the NBA since 1980, and he’s headed five different teams. Gentry is presently the Associate Head Coach for the Sacramento Kings in the NBA, where he has over 500 wins in his career.

Let’s take a look back at all of Alvin Gentry’s coached teams as he celebrates his four-decade NBA career. Let’s take a closer look at Gentry’s meteoric rise and subsequent demise.

With the Spurs, he began as an assistant coach.

Alvin Gentry, an experienced NBA coach, has worked with a number of well-known figures, including Steve Kerr, Gregg Popovich, and others. His beginnings, however, were humble, and he began as an assistant coach at the bottom.

In 1989, Alvin began his NBA coaching career as an assistant coach for Larry Brown’s San Antonio Spurs. As part of Larry Brown’s assistant coaching staff with the Spurs, he spent a season with Gregg Popovich, Ed Manning, and R.C. Buford before Brown left before the 1988-89 season.

Gentry left San Antonio after two seasons to become an assistant coach with the Los Angeles Clippers in 1990-91.

Time with the Miami Heat and the Detroit Pistons for Alvin Gentry

Gentry’s commitment to basketball is admirable, and despite some humiliating times and significant obstacles, he continues to coach to this day. Following his time with the Spurs, Gentry spent three seasons as an assistant coach with the Miami Heat.

Gentry then moved to Detroit after the 1994-95 season, where he worked for two and a half seasons until being named head coach in 1997-98.

The Los Angeles Clippers have won back-to-back games.

Coach Alvin has worked with some of the best coaches in the world, including Gregg Popovich, Kevin Loughery, and others. Despite leaving his position as an assistant to Brown, Gregg, and R.C., he reunited with them after a season in San Antonio. The union was short-lived, however, as he accepted the head coaching position with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Furthermore, in his first two seasons as the Clippers’ head coach, Alvin led the team to back-to-back victories. Alvin led the Clippers to 31 and 39 wins, respectively, emphasizing his accomplishments.

Furthermore, young players such as Lamar Odom, Elton Brand, and others were seen as having great seasons during that time. Alvin, on the other hand, was unable to maintain his victories and was fired in February 2003.

Despite being ousted from his position as Clippers’ head coach, Phoenix saw a chance to keep a highly capable player on the team.

With the Phoenix Suns, he set a new career high in wins.

As previously stated, Alvin left the Los Angeles Clippers only to establish career highs in wins and losses with the Phoenix Suns during the 2009-2010 seasons, with 54 victories and 28 defeats.

Gentry was an assistant coach with the Phoenix Suns for six years under Mike D’Antoni and Terry Porter before becoming the Kings’ coach. Later, he figured out how to combine D’Antoni’s and Porter’s styles and guided the Suns to multiple victories. Coach Pop, aka Gregg, noticed that Gentry and the Suns were better defensively than in the past, as well as far more committed and responsible than ever before.

For several years, Alvin Gentry worked with Mike D’Antoni and Terry Porter with the Phoenix Suns. Social media is the source of this image.

Well, his leadership, which was reflected in the Sun’s games, is a success as a dedicated coach. As a result, when Gentry was chosen Suns’ head coach, he had a 54-win record. They advanced to the Western Conference Finals, where they were defeated by the Lakers in six games. Despite the loss, he became the franchise’s fifth head coach to bring his club to the finals in his first complete season.

Despite his success, Alvin left the Phoenix Suns in 2013 and rejoined the Los Angeles Clippers as an associate head coach under Doc Rivers. After a season with the Clippers, he decided to join the Golden State Warriors.

Alvin grasped opportunities with the Pelicans in 2015 after two years under GSW’s head coach, Steve Kerr.

After a disappointing loss in August 2020, he was fired as the New Orleans Pelicans’ head coach.

Alvin signed a three-year contract with GSW in 2013, as previously stated. Golden State, on the other hand, authorized the Pelicans to interview him for the position of head coach on May 18, 2015.

Despite signing with the New Orleans Pelicans on May 30, Alvin remained with the Warriors until the completion of the 2015 NBA Finals. As Gentry’s stint with the Pelicans began, the Warriors’ fame was boosted by their historic triumph over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Gentry only had one season with the Pelicans where the team finished above.500 and lost in the conference semifinals during his five years with the team. Although Gentry’s leadership for the Pelicans has been questioned, former Cavalier executive David Griffin recalls Alvin, who guided the Suns to the conference finals in 2010.

Unfortunately, the Pelicans and Alvin Gentry limped their way to the NBA draft in 2019 after suffering multiple serious injuries. Despite the fact that attempts to deploy authentic players in a unique way were thwarted, the results were the same. Following Alvin Gentry’s firing as Pelicans coach, the team had a terrible performance in the NBA’s 2019-20 season’s NBA Bubble.

New Orleans suffered a disheartening loss as a result of injuries. Despite being dismissed, Gentry has the second-most wins in team history, trailing only Byron Scott.

Since October 2020, I’ve been with the Sacramento Kings.

Even Alvin Gentry was surprised by his firing because he was giving it his all; nonetheless, he tried to appreciate the clubs’ hunger for change. Nonetheless, on October 6th, 2020, the Sacramento Kings introduced him as their Associate Head Coach.

Despite getting fired twice, Alvin has only found drive and kept a positive attitude. Let’s hope Alvin writes a new chapter in the history of the Kings during his reign. But first, can you tell me whether Alvin is competent of heading the Sacramento Kings?

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