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Lola Simone Rock – Photos Of Chris Rock’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Malaak Compton Rock

Lola Simone Rock – Photos Of Chris Rock’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Malaak Compton Rock

Chris Rock has a daughter with his ex-wife, Maalak Compton Rock, named Lola Simone Rock. On June 28, 2002, Lola Simone Rock was born to her parents. Lola is not Chris’s only child; she also has a younger sister named Zahra Savannah Rock.

Chris Rock’s divorce with Malaak Compton, his ex-wife, was formalized on August 22, 2016. Lola Simone is under the bodily custody of both of her parents following her parents’ divorce. Chris is said to give his girls’ estranged mother child support. At this time, the terms of the former couple’s divorce settlement are unknown.

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Lola Simone Rock, Chris Rock’s daughter, is the oldest child of her parents.

Chris and Malaak Rock have an older daughter, Lola Simone Rock. Zahra Savannah Rock is her younger sister, who was born in 2004. Lola adores her little sister to the fullest extent of her abilities. When the family goes on vacation, for example, Lola makes sure that her sister is having as much fun as she is.

Chris Rock adores his daughter Lola to the fullest extent possible. Despite the fact that Lola’s parents have been divorced since 2016, Chris and his ex-wife Malaak are most likely co-parenting their two lovely girls. We wish Lola Simone comfortable and luxurious adolescence.

The Parents of Lola Simone Rock Adopted A Beautiful South African Daughter

Lola Simone, Chris Rock’s daughter, is said to have a new sibling sister. Chris’ wife Malaak is said to have adopted a small girl named Ntombi Samantha during their humanitarian trip to South Africa. Chris, on the other hand, has denied having anything to do with the girl’s adoption. Malaak, the father of two, insisted on adopting the South African child, according to the father of two.

Chris clearly adores Lola Simone and Zahra Savannah, his two biological daughters. He doesn’t want to take on any extra responsibilities, such as supporting an adoptive daughter financially. Chris, Malaak’s ex-husband, is clearly opposed to adoption.

Lola Simone poses with her parents Chris and Malaak, as well as her sister Zahra. Image courtesy of the Daily Mail.

Lola Simone, Malaak’s daughter, believes that adopting a sibling sister is a fantastic idea. Lola, like her mother Malaak, is a humanitarian at heart. She enjoys assisting those in need and providing them with food and shelter. Lola Simone, a teen celebrity daughter, attends school in New Jersey and focuses on her schoolwork.

Lola Simone Rock is a name with a deep meaning.

Lola is a short form of “Dolores,” which means “sorrows” in Spanish.

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