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LisaRaye McCoy’s entrepreneurial spirit has contributed to her substantial net worth.

LisaRaye McCoy’s entrepreneurial spirit has contributed to her substantial net worth.

LisaRaye McCoy is a former First Lady, entertainer, model, businesswoman, philanthropist, and entertainment all rolled into one.

McCoy has constructed a profitable empire for herself over the course of several decades. She has a net worth of $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

The Players Club actress revived her enthusiasm for entrepreneurship with the introduction of her luxury brand specializing in premium mattresses and furniture, as well as the resuscitation of PZI Jeans (LisaRaye Collection).

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LR Homestyles’ proprietor

Her most recent business venture, LR Homestyles, has contributed to her substantial net worth. In 2020, it opened its first store in Beverly Center, Los Angeles.

The company sells its products online as well as at its physical store.

McCoy has emphasized the significance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle that includes the mind, body, and spirit. She began advocating the need for rest, beginning with a decent night’s sleep, until recently.

She realized that no mattress or furniture firms were owned by persons who looked like her after exploring several distributors and suppliers.

McCoy’s lifestyle business was founded to address such community needs on a worldwide basis.

Their unique mattress, ‘Sleep Black,’ is created in the United States and is the first handcrafted mattress available to customers. The brand also offers a variety of pieces that can be modified to meet the needs of the customer.

‘PZI Jeans’ is back!

After purchasing the apparel line in 2018, the boss lady became the owner of PZI Jeans. McCoy, who was a fan, bought the company without hesitation.

She and her outstanding staff renamed the fashion line for ‘women with hourglass body shapes’ after obtaining ownership.

The 53-year-old has always wanted to dabble in fashion. In 2005, she launched her lingerie brand, which was followed by a denim collection in 2011. For a while, the size of both of her enterprises stayed the same.

Career in Acting

The debut appearance of McCoy on the legendary television series In the House (1995) caught the attention of fans. A year later, she made her big-screen debut in Reasons, a low-budget action flick. Despite the fact that the film went ignored, she received a number of critical awards.

She also starred in Tupac Shakur’s final music video, when her remarkable performance drew the attention of rapper-actor Ice Cube. It led to her being cast in the 1998 film The Players Club. She made an impression on viewers with her portrayal of a disturbed stripper.

Following her performance in the film The Wood, the Chicago native’s career took off (1999). In 2000, she reached her broadest audience as the host of Source: All Access (2002), a popular series dedicated to studying hip-hop culture.

McCoy rapidly gained a devoted following thanks to her beautiful grin and extensive knowledge of all things hip-hop. She received her greatest role to date in the 2002 film Civil Brand, as additional movie roles came her way.

In 2003, she was busy promoting Barry Levinson’s comedy Envy (2004), the female-driven Western Guns & Roses (2000), and her sitcom All of Us (2003), which ran from 2003 to 2007.

The Envy actress has over forty-five projects to her credit in her twenty-five years in the entertainment industry. South Side (2019), The Family Business (2018-2020), Tales (2019), A House Divided (2020-2021), and many others are among her most recent works.

McCoy has also appeared in recent television films such as Holiday Heartbreak (2020), Scarlett (2021), and Twice Bitten (2021).