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Lisa Robertson: Is She Married? Regarding the Ex-QVC Host’s Romance

Lisa Robertson: Is She Married? Regarding the Ex-QVC Host’s Romance

Televised home shopping existed before cell phones and e-commerce ruled the industry. The American network QVC (Quality Value Convenience) specializes in home retail. The hosts of the program introduced a variety of products to the audience.

Lisa Robertson was one of the QVC hosts who had been there the longest since the network’s founding in 1986. She hosted a QVC show for 20 years and attracted over 30 million people.

She then expanded to other series, including Friday Night Beauty, The Lisa Robertson Show, PM Style, and The Lisa Robertson Show. In 2012, she launched and established the GILI collection as a fashion designer.

The product range featured Christmas decorations, gifts, jewelry, purses, and shoes. She subsequently rose to fame as a fashion and beauty icon with a sizable following.

Fans who are familiar with her from that time period might be asking, “Is Lisa Robertson married?” No, is the response. She is not married, however, she did have a relationship with Erin McGee.

Both Erin McGee and Lisa Robertson

Daily Mail stated that the couple was dating in April 2015, despite the fact that they are no longer together.

According to reports, the millionaire QVC host was deeply in love with her tattooed, personal trainer partner who was 11 years her junior. Robertson acknowledged that she had experienced four different episodes of stalking while she was still working at QVC and that she had lived in fear before meeting McGee.

But as Robertson shared more of her personal life on social media, it seemed like she was trying to get past the tragedy. The couple frequently shared pictures from their travels and shared many memorable occasions, such as Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Fans assumed she was getting married when she suddenly posted so much personal information.

The source claims that Robertson and McGee had already interacted with each other’s families and even traveled with their children.

The outlet also reported that Tom Ciccarone rejected Robertson because he had been discouraged from relationships by his ex-wife and had no time for a boyfriend. And by January 2015, Robertson had abruptly begun posting images of the two of them working out and having fun together.

Although there is no information on when the couple broke up, McGee is now dating someone else.

Both Erin McGee and Lisa Robertson after a breakup

McGee’s Instagram account indicates that he is presently dating Dawn Criville.

They may have started dating at some point, but McGee frequently shares pictures of her online. McGee has also changed careers, going from personal training to real estate. He appears to be a realtor for The Matt Gorham Group, according to his Instagram bio.

Robertson doesn’t share details about her personal life on social media, so it’s unclear if she has a new partner. No one is sure if she is single because her Instagram is filled with images of her business.