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Lisa Nichols’ Husband: Who Was He? The Life of a 52-Year-Old Son | Everything Revealed

Lisa Nichols’ Husband: Who Was He? The Life of a 52-Year-Old Son | Everything Revealed

Lisa Nichols, an American motivational speaker, wasn’t always the accomplished lady she is now. She overcame several challenges throughout her life after hitting rock bottom with her broken relationship with her husband.

Lisa Shantan Nichols was born on May 18, 1966, in a gang-infested neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles.

She has received the South African Humanitarian Award and is a founder member of the Transformational Leadership Council, a social organization.

Here are some fascinating wikis on Lisa Nichols’ work, age, net worth, son, and violent spouse.

1. Lisa Nichols’ journey from a series of odd jobs to the position of CEO

After all of her hard work, Lisa is now the CEO of Motivating the Masses, one of the world’s leading training and development firms. She is also the founder and CEO of Motivating The Adolescent Spirit, a teen empowerment organization that she founded in 1990.

The six-time New York Times best-selling author is also a well-known motivational speaker. In 2015, she released the book Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today. She also encourages her fans to write something worthwhile to read.

Lisa conducts a session on how to be a powerful communicator and talk with sincerity, confidence, and conviction on a regular basis. Similarly, in November 2018, she will lead a stimulating class with the theme “talk and write” in Orlando.

Lisa, on the other hand, had started her career in a low-paying position at a random job, and she desired the position that would allow her to learn and grow. She subsequently began traveling for her employer and volunteered for assignments that no one else had touched.

She went on to work for the Los Angeles Unified School District for 9 hours a day, leaving her kid at daycare.

2. How much money does Lisa Nichols have in 2018?

Lisa has made a lot of money in her career as a very accomplished woman, but it wasn’t the same 20 years ago when she was working for little jobs.

Lisa used to bring a check and mail it to the Wells Fargo Bank every time she got paid at the LA Unified School District. She mailed herself a check every two weeks for three and a half years, and when she went to the bank to see $62,500 in her account, it was a watershed moment for her.

Lisa’s YouTube channel, which has over 122k subscribers, provides her with cash.

The channel has motivational films for visitors and generates a yearly income of up to $10,000.

She also generates a significant amount of money by teaching various personality development classes.

The American businesswoman and entrepreneur have a net worth of $5 million as of today, which speaks volumes about how far she has gone in her life.

3. Volunteering in the Community

Lisa Nichols, an American motivational speaker, is not a careless woman who would figure out her life on her own.

She is warm-hearted and generous to the community, which has aided her meteoric rise in such a short time.

She’s now offering a workshop on how to be a powerful communicator who speaks with sincerity, confidence, and conviction, even if you’ve never considered yourself a “natural.”

On August 21, 2018, the Los Angeles native tweeted additional details regarding the classes.

Lisa Nichols reveals four secrets to effective communication (Published on 21 August 2018)

She also made a bold statement by inviting those who are interested to join her on November 2-4 in Orlando for the Speakandwrite2018 workshop, which was a huge success for everyone.

4. Who Was the Abusive Husband of Lisa Nichols?

Lisa has spoken openly about her connection with her ex-husband on numerous occasions. She has spoken about the trauma she went through while married to an abusive husband in motivational speeches and interviews.

When she was married to the individual, the founder of Motivating the Masses had a difficult time; she was physically and mentally mistreated. She remarked in a speech at Goalcast,

Thankfully, the ‘husband’ was arrested and booked into the Los Angeles County Jail for domestic abuse, and he is no longer a part of Lisa’s life.

Lisa is forthright about her dreadful history with her ex-husband, but she is afraid to share his identity.

5. As a single mother, Lisa Nichols looked after her son Jelani.

Lisa was at her lowest point financially and spiritually when she gave birth to her son, Jelani.

His father was sentenced to prison eight months after her son was born. She couldn’t afford diapers for her son and had to wrap him in a towel for two days since she was so impoverished.

Her biggest source of motivation, as a single mother, was her desire to change her son’s life and save him from the terrible situation he was in.

Lisa improved her and her son’s lives via hard work and dedication to expanding her knowledge after working various jobs and learning new things.

On Mother’s Day, Lisa shares a photo with her son, Jelani, on Instagram. (Image courtesy of Lisa’s Instagram)

Lisa is now a more than content woman who has persevered despite her husband’s aggressive behavior in the past. She’s a proud mother who enjoys talking about her kid, who has blossomed into a great young man.

Lisa Nichols’ son stood by his then-girlfriend and now-fiancee during her cancer battle.

Jelani understands the importance of love, respect, and empathy as the son of someone who has inspired many others. It was difficult for him to realize that during their marriage, his father assaulted his mother. As a result, he has always strived to be the kind of man his mother would admire.

He made his mother proud once more when he stood by his girlfriend, Maya, who was battling cancer. The couple was successful in combating deadly cancer, and they decided to take their relationship to the next level with an emotional engagement.

The love tale of Maya and Jelani has taught Lisa and us that love is a tremendous accomplishment! Amen!