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Lil Wayne’s Ex-wives Bond as Nivea Gets Help from Toya Johnson for a Date with Her Brother

Lil Wayne’s Ex-wives Bond as Nivea Gets Help from Toya Johnson for a Date with Her Brother

Lil Wayne, the top-selling rapper, has had his fair share of ladies. He has been in relationships with other musicians like Christina Milian and Nivea, as well as models such as Lauren London, although he has only been married once.

On Valentine’s Day 2004, he married reality TV actress Antonia “Toya” Johnson, but their wedding almost didn’t happen. Wayne was dating Nivea behind Johnson’s back while they were planning their wedding; nevertheless, once Nivea and Wayne divorced, Wayne and Toya Johnson married.

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Their marriage, however, was short-lived, and they divorced two years later.

Despite the fact that Nivea nearly tore Wayne and Johnson apart, it appears the ladies have no grudges against one another. They not only leave encouraging comments on each other’s Instagram postings, but they also don’t mind one of them dating the other’s brother.

Johnson’s Brother Seen with Nivea

On August 14, Johnson celebrated her brother’s birthday by posting a carousel on Instagram depicting Casey Johnson. For the festivities, the brother-sister combo dressed up in their finest attire. Nivea, too, wished him a happy birthday in the comments area.

Fans noticed the comments and responded to Nivea’s, urging her to take a shot at Johnson’s brother, which she did in another post. Johnson posted another carousel of her family members from the celebrations a day later.

Nivea complimented Johnson in this post before adding, “T, tell your brother I said heeeeey!” “Ask him if he needs anything, and if he does, smack me!!” Nivea wasn’t shy in expressing her feelings about Johnson’s brother.

In fact, it appeared that the majority of Nivea’s followers agreed with her that her brother was a handsome man. “I suppose we’re all here for the brother,” one fan who tagged Nivea remarked.

And it appears that the attraction was mutual because Nivea and Johnson’s brother was seen together shortly after that incident.

The friendship between Johnson and Nivea

Although it is too soon to tell if the two are dating, Johnson may not have an issue with their relationship because she has already expressed her love for and support for Nivea.

Nivea may not have been as well-known as Wayne, but she was one of the most significant up-and-comers in the early 2000s. However, she recently opened out about her musical ups and downs.

Following the interview, Nivea posted a sneak peek of the interview on Instagram with the statement “I want to encourage people.”

Fans and peers, including Johnson, showed their love and support for the artist. She sent a loving remark in the comments, telling Nivea how proud she was of her.

It appears that the two females have a strong friendship.