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Lil Scrappy’s Wife Bambi Benson is Pregnant. Scrappy Already Had a Daughter With Erica Dixon

Lil Scrappy’s Wife Bambi Benson is Pregnant. Scrappy Already Had a Daughter With Erica Dixon

Lil Scrappy, an American rapper and record producer, is about to become a parent for the second time. Scrappy is married to Bambi Benson, and the couple is expecting their first child. In April of this year, the couple announced that Benson was expecting a child, stating that she was roughly 20 weeks pregnant.

Lil has a net worth of $1.5 million and is best known for his role in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. In 2017, he married Bambi Benson after a year of dating. Benson became pregnant in December 2017 and is approaching her due date. Because they were afraid of miscarriage, the couple opted not to announce Bambi’s pregnancy at the time. Benson was 20 weeks pregnant when the couple revealed the pregnancy financially in April.

While Scrappy and Benson are expecting their first kid together, Lil already has a daughter from his past relationship with American reality TV star Erika Dixon. Erica and Lil Scrappy started dating in the early 2000s, and Erica gave birth to Emani Richardson, their daughter. Emani is a 13-year-old girl who was born in 2005.

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Details about Bambi Benson’s Pregnancy

The couple’s good buddy Waka Flocka first revealed Bambi Benson’s pregnancy in April, congratulating them on the news. Finally, the couple revealed that they were expecting a child. When questioned why the couple waited so long to announce their pregnancy, Bambi explained that she wanted to make sure the baby would be delivered before announcing it because she had previously experienced a miscarriage.

Bambi stated that she was initially anxious about having a kid, but that she is now preparing herself for the responsibilities of motherhood. She’s been showing off her baby bulge in photos on Instagram. She’s been pregnant for almost nine months and the baby may arrive at any time. As she prepares to become a mother, Bambi has expressed her joy on social media.

Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy’s Daughter

Lil Scrappy dated Erica Dixon for a long period before marrying Bambi. Beginning in the early 2000s, the two had an on-again, off-again relationship. Erica gave birth to their daughter Emani Richardson in 2005, therefore Lil and Erica had a daughter at the time.

Emani Richardson, Lil Scrappy’s daughter.

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Scrappy and Erica were together for a long time before going their own ways, and Lil’ eventually married Bambi. Emani, their daughter, is now 13 years old, and Erica and Scrappy are both responsible for her upbringing. And Lil will soon be a mother to another child.

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