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Lil Baby’s Teeth Sparkle? Examining

Lil Baby’s Teeth Sparkle? Examining

Lil Baby showed off his diamonds to GQ in 2018. The rapper told the audience how much he paid for his tattoos.

Lil baby informed the show’s presenter, “I spend $60,000 when I had a million,” but urged everyone “take your time” and “spend it wisely.” He said “huge chains and watches” influenced him.

The ‘Drip Too Hard’ singer recently showed off his diamond-encrusted teeth.

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Baby’s Teeth Are Diamonds

The Atlanta-born rapper got new jewelry in September 2019. Next, he announced his diamond teeth on Twitter.

Lil Baby first tweeted, “Today I quit smoking.” Then he tweeted about his “new teeth.”

The rapper inserted extra diamonds into his teeth in March, making them shiner.

Lil baby took matters a step further when he posted a video on Instagram of himself brushing his teeth with diamonds on them and flaunted his cherished asset.

Baby’s Expensive Accessories

Lil Baby first mentioned his Rolex Date just. The watch was a gift and has sentimental value, he said.

He initially said the watch had “no diamonds.” Instead of buying a new diamond watch, Lil baby “added on” the gift and paid more because he “made it from scratch.”

Lil Baby’s next watch was an AP that cost $55,000 to $60,000 at the time. The rapper added,

The rapper showed off his Cuban Link Bracelet, which he “never removes.” Lil Baby then described his Star Rings.

Lil Baby recently acquired “two Star Rings.” The rapper lost seven pricey rings a month before this interview.

Lil Baby liked wearing both at once “because I wear two watches most of the time” and making a “watch, bracelet, ring” set on both hands.

Next was his “Lil Baby” pendant. The rapper described how he obtained his name while demonstrating the jewelry.

Lil Baby received the name “Lil Baby” when he was “maybe 12 [or] 13” and hung out with “older fellas.” For “being the youngest child around,” he was called “Lil Baby,” a name that has stuck with him.

A “Zone 4” diamond pendant commemorated his childhood area. Lil Baby then described his diamond pendants, chains, and earrings.