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Like whisky, CNN commentator Carl Bernstein’s love for his wife grows with age.

Like whisky, CNN commentator Carl Bernstein’s love for his wife grows with age.

After going through the misery of two failed marriages, American veteran media figure Carl Bernstein has now been able to enjoy happy married life with his present wife.

The investigative reporter from Washington, D.C., is most known for revealing the Watergate Complex scandal alongside his colleague Bob Woodward while working for The Washington Post. Carl presently works as a CNN political analyst and is the author of five best-selling books.

Carl Bernstein, a CNN political analyst, examines the ramifications of Michael Cohen’s court testimony that the president directed him to break the law (Published on 22 August 2018)

Carl Bernstein’s Career Began When He Was 16 Years Old

Carl Bernstein was born on February 14, 1944, in Washington, D.C., to Sylvia and Alfred Bernstein, a Jewish family. Carl attended the University of Maryland after graduating from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland, but dropped out soon after.

Carl began his journalism career as a paperboy for The Washington Star at the age of 16, and moved quickly through the ranks.

They wouldn’t let him write for the paper since he didn’t have a college diploma. Carl began his journalism career in 1965 as a full-time reporter for the Elizabeth Daily Journal.

With his exposure to the Watergate scandal, Carl Bernstein set an example.

He made his career breakthrough a year later when he was hired by The Washington Post. Carl and his teammate Bob Woodward narrated a detailed report regarding unlawful acts carried out by members of the American President Richard Nixon’s administration in the Watergate office complex in 1972

The Watergate Scandal prompted multiple government investigations and, ultimately, the president’s resignation in August 1974.

Carl and Bob wrote two books about the affair, All the President’s Men in 1974 and The Final Days in 1976, which became best-sellers.

Carl departed the newspaper in 1977 to work as a senior journalist for ABC News. His Holiness: John Paul II, Hidden History of Our Time, and A Woman in Charge are just a few of his popular writings.

Carl Bernstein’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions.

Carl has accumulated a sizable net worth as a result of his journalism career. Though the actual sum is unknown, it is believed to be in the millions, as indicated by his $18000 compensation at The Washington Post at the time. Furthermore, in 2003, Carl and Bob made $5 million by selling the Watergate papers.

Furthermore, the duo received a Pulitzer Reward in 1973 for their Watergate reporting, which must have increased their net worth, though the prize was more than simply money.

The Marital Life of Carl Bernstein: The Third Time Is The Charm

Carl Bernstein is currently married to Christine Kuehbeck, a former model. The pair married on July 4, 2003, in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Carl and Christine, according to his website, live together in New York. They continue to have a happy marriage and attend various occasions together. The couple was recently sighted at the Vanity Fair award 2017 in Madrid, Spain, in October 2017.

His previous two marriages had ended in divorce, therefore this was his third marriage to Christine. In April 1968, he married Carol Honda, a coworker at The Washington Post, but the marriage only lasted four years, from 1968 to 1972.

In 1976, he married writer and filmmaker Nora Ephron, and the couple divorced in 1980. Carl and Nora have two boys from their marriage: Jacob, who was born on August 22, 1978, and Max, who was born on November 16, 1979.

Carl can state that he isn’t just a career man with a bad personal life, as his present marriage has lasted over 15 years and still looks as strong as the day they married. Carl, on the other hand, can brag about being a seasoned journalist with an equally happy married life.