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Lele Pons’ dating preference hierarchy is dominated by men from the Middle East.

Lele Pons’ dating preference hierarchy is dominated by men from the Middle East.

When it comes to dating, social media star Lele Pons has a preference, and Middle Eastern males are at the top of the list. In August 2020, the 25-year-old stated as much in an interview on Logan Paul’s podcast, Impulsive.

During the interview, the YouTuber expressed her frustration with her inability to find the appropriate guy to date. Pons stressed that she was complicated, frightening, and a “lot to handle,” while Paul expressed his amazement at her claims.

Mike Malak followed up with a question about Pons’ nationality and why she was single. He wondered if Latina women were difficult to deal with. Pons soon responded, “We are the best, and I want to date a Latin guy.”

Paul continued the subject by asking if she had identified her type among guys of various ethnicities. Pons was open about her dating history, revealing that she had dated men of practically every race. She went on to say that her favorite males were from the Middle East.

The Venezuelan woman said she preferred Latin men as boyfriends and praised Brazilians and Mexicans as wonderful individuals. When Majlak playfully questioned what she didn’t like about white people, she said that she didn’t have anything against them, but that she wanted her partner to serenade her in Spanish.

Pons emphasized the importance of her man being bilingual, able to communicate in both Spanish and English. She went on to say, “Not just the Latin guy who doesn’t speak English.” The online sensation also joked that she required a partner who was tanned but didn’t have a beard and was active on social media.

Lele Pons is dating a man from Puerto Rico.

Pons began dating Puerto Rican rapper Jean Carlos Santiago Pérez, better known by his stage as Guaynaa, two months after the interview. They sparked relationship speculations after releasing a sexy collaboration, ‘Se Te Nota.’

They spent Halloween together and flaunted their pair costumes on their own Instagram accounts, adding fuel to the fire. Meanwhile, they have remained silent about the relationship rumors. All of that changed on December 12, 2020, when the couple announced their romance on Instagram.

Pons captioned a sequence of photos of the two of them having fun in the snow with “MINE.” Her boyfriend followed suit, posting photographs from their skiing adventures and referring to Pons as his “babe!”

Pons has been quite outspoken about her growing relationship with Guaynaa since the news, tweeting cute images of the two on social media.

“I’m smitten with you! Thank you for being the best boyfriend and friend I could ask for “In a joyful post for her partner’s 29th birthday, she wrote: She stated that he never failed to make her laugh, smile, and fall in love with her.

Pons was thought to be dating fellow YouTuber Twan Kuyper before she made it public with Guaynaa. For the material, the two kissed and even playfully married. Pons confirmed that they were simply friends in an interview with ET in May.