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Lee Goldberg and his wife have been soulmates since they were in elementary school.

Lee Goldberg and his wife have been soulmates since they were in elementary school.

Lee Goldberg, the chief meteorologist for WABC-TV, has been extremely lucky in finding a wife with whom he can share life’s ups and downs. He and his wife, Jessica Goldberg, have been friends since elementary school. They later exchanged wedding vows, and they now have a marriage that has lasted over two decades.

Lee and Jessica have been together for over four decades.

The Goldbergs had been in love since they were in elementary school. The now-married couple originally met in 1975, when they were both students at the same high school.

They were good friends and kept in touch. When the meteorologist asked her out on a date in 1986, their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship. Jessica accepted, and the rest is history, as they say.

On August 16, 1998, twelve years after their first date, the couple completed the most important step in their relationship by being married.

Lee’s tweet dated August 16, 2019, is a great illustration of their wonderful marriage. It was their 21st wedding anniversary, so he shared some beautiful photos with a touching statement.

The Goldbergs are the parents of two children.

The meteorologist and his wife have two children: Emily Goldberg, who was born on May 28, 2000, and Ethan D. Goldberg, who was born on February 15, 2002.

The father of two frequently upgrades his children’s education. Lee, for example, enthusiastically posted moments from his son’s virtual commencement ceremony when he entered the class of 2020 at North Eastern University on June 23, 2020.

Similarly, on August 22, 2020, the weather forecaster sent an emotional message as his daughter returned to Syracuse University to finish her studies after a six-month hiatus due to COVID-19.

Aside from that, he proudly displays family photos from vacations and special occasions. For example, on August 8, 2020, he published some gorgeous photos of the family of four enjoying their vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine.