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Learn More About Neil Armstrong’s Ex-wife Janet Shearon – Children And Divorce Reason

Learn More About Neil Armstrong’s Ex-wife Janet Shearon – Children And Divorce Reason

Janet Shearon was the first wife of the famed astronaut Neil Armstrong. She was married to him for almost four decades, and while together, they welcomed three kids. Sadly, she passed away in 2018 due to lung cancer.

As Neil Armstrong’s ex-wife, Janet, achieved tremendous celebrity, people are keen to get to know more about her. So, how about we discover in-depth about the late Janet Shearon and her life.

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Was The First Wife Of Neil Armstrong

As indicated before, Janet Shearon was married to Neil Armstrong. They met in college at Purdue University, where Neil was an aeronautical engineering student, and Janet was a home economics major student. Furthermore, she was also a synchronized swimming champion.

The pair dated for a period and then tied the married on January 28, 1956, after graduating from college. After their marriage, they moved to Juniper Hills, California. There, Shearon’s then-husband worked as a test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base.

Before moving to Juniper Hills, Janet and Neil lived in the San Gabriel Mountains near Lancaster, California.

Welcomed Three Kids Together

After tying the marriage in 1956, Janet and Neil welcomed three kids together. The former couple welcomed their first child, Eric Armstrong, in 1957. Similarly, two years later, in 1959, Neil Armstrong’s ex-wife gave birth to their daughter, Karen Armstrong.

Then, on April 8, 1963, the former couple welcomed their third and youngest son, Mark Stephen Armstrong.

Sadly, barely two years after her birth, Janet Shearon’s daughter, Karen, lost away because of a brain tumor. Unfortunately, their daughter died on their wedding anniversary, and because of that, Neil and Janet never celebrated the day again.

Furthermore, in the movie First Man, about Neil Armstrong’s biography, the astronaut was portrayed carrying a bracelet engraved with their daughter’s name on the moon.

In addition, the movie also featured Armstrong, represented by Ryan Gosling, throwing the bracelet into a lunar crater. However, there is no evidence confirming that this truly occurred.

Moreover, it is believed that the death of their daughter and the subsequent voyage to the moon left a big dent in Janet and Neil’s marriage.

They Got Separated

After being married for 38 years, Janet and Neil separated from each other and divorced in 1994. The former couple separated because Janet Armstrong’s husband, Neil, was emotionally unavailable while she was shoulder the weight of caring for the family.

Furthermore, Neil Armstrong’s ex-wife, Janet, was also dissatisfied with him because he did not take any memento of his kids while on his journey. However, he had carried some of her valuables to the moon.

Janet Shearon’s former husband, Neil Armstrong, was the first man to tread on the moon. Image courtesy of social media.

Following their split, Janet traveled to Utah and started a new life there. Furthermore, Janet Shearon’s ex-husband, Neil, met Carol Held Knight in 1992 and got married to her.

Regretted Not Completing Her Degree

As indicated before, Janet and Neil met while they were students at Purdue University. They exchanged the vows in 1956 after Neil graduated. However, Shearon did not complete her degree, and several sources stated that she regretted that decision of hers in her later life.

Before entering Purdue University, Neil’s former wife, Janet, had attended New Trier High School. At the university, she was a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority.

Neil Armstrong’s Ex-wife Passed Away At The Age Of 84

Sadly, Neil’s previous wife, Janet, passed away at the age of 84, on June 21, 2018, due to lung cancer. Furthermore, she died only months before the movie “First Man” was released in theaters. She is survived by her two sons, daughter-in-law Wendy Armstrong, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Her obituary was published by the Houston Chronicle, which said that she had garnered various accolades and distinctions globally because of her dedication and courage during the American space program of the 1960s.

Janet was highly supportive of her then-husband and his works. However, even after the moon mission was a big success, she and her husband lived a quiet life away from the media and the limelight.

At that time, astronauts had an almost superstar status in the USA. But Neil Armstrong and his then-wife settled on living a quiet life away from the limelight, which they believed was the best decision for the family.

Let’s hope Janter Shearon’s boys keep her and her ex-husband’s legacy alive.

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