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Learn More About La La Anthony’s Mother Carmen Surillo

Learn More About La La Anthony’s Mother Carmen Surillo

Alani Nicole Vázquez, better known by her stage name La La Anthony, is an American television personality, author, producer, actress, and businesswoman. She’s hosted a number of shows, but it was her job as an MTV VJ on Total Request Live that made her famous. She is also an accomplished actor who has been in scores of critically acclaimed films and television series. Anthony has also achieved enormous fame and money as the author of two books, the first of which, The Love Playbook, was a New York Times Best Seller in 2014.

Carmen Cirillo and her divorced husband have Anthony. Anthony’s current recognition and success can be attributed to her parents’ backing. Because Anthony’s father prefers a private existence, little is known about him. Anthony, on the other hand, attributes her achievement to her mother.

Let’s discover more about Carmen Surillo, La La Anthony’s mother.

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She has four kids.

Carmen Surillo, La La Anthony’s mother, is a Puerto Rican native of New York. She is the mother of four children from her previous marriage. Carmen’s ex-husband prefers a private life, therefore nothing is known about him. Carmen did, however, have four children: Christian Vazquez, Aviana Vazquez, Solana Vazquez, and La La Anthony.

Carmen Surillo’s children have all grown up to be well-known people in various fields. Christian Vazquez, her son, is an entrepreneur who owns a retail store and has been involved in several business enterprises. Carmen has given her children a lot of love and attention.

Carmen Surillo has four children, one of whom is La La Anthony. Carmen Surillo’s Instagram account is the source of this image.

The children stayed with Carmen after her divorce from her husband, and they even paid frequent visits to their father. Carmen frequently shares photos of her children on Instagram. She doesn’t talk about her other two girls nearly as much as she does about La La and Christian. Both of them appear to prefer a low-key life away from the spotlight and the media.

Anthony gives credit to her mother for instilling confidence in her.

La La Anthony is one of Carmen Surillo’s children, as previously indicated. Surillo reared her children as a single mother with much love and care. Anthony has always expressed her love and admiration for her mother. She posts images of her mother with nice remarks, demonstrating that her mother is everything to her.Anthony stated in an interview with Essence that she owes all of her confidence to her maa. Carmen has always been a hype girl for La La Anthony, the stunning model. “Less is more,” La La said, adding that her mother insisted on the quotation, “and you have to keep everything genuine.”

Well, it’s evident that La La Anthony and her mother, Carmen Surillo, have a great bond.

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With her daughter, she attends many events and ceremonies.

Anthony has always been vocal about her love and respect for her mother, as previously indicated. She even expresses gratitude to her mother for her achievements in life. La La Anthony’s mother has also become a celebrity as a result of her daughter’s recognition and money. Carmen and her children have been spotted at many award dinners and ceremonies.

In 2018, Carmen attended The Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, California for VH1’s 3rd annual “Dear Mama: A Love Letter To Moms” screening. Lala Anthony’s mother donned a white gown with modest makeup and a gorgeous grey-colored sparkly body con to the event. The mother-daughter combination was amazing. Apart from that, Carmen attends other award dinners and ceremonies with her daughter. Christian Vazquez, Anthony’s brother, also attends ceremonies and events with his mother and sister.

Carmen Surillo, La La Anthony’s mother, attends many activities and events with her children. Social media is the source of this image.

Carmen Surillo, La La Anthony’s mother, is a nice woman who enjoys spending time with her family. She motivates and inspires her children to perform better, and she instills confidence in them. Carmen is actively involved in the upbringing of her grandchildren, especially La La’s son, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, whom she adores. She is doing well for herself and enjoys a pleasant life.

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