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Learn About Busta Rhymes’ Ex-Girlfriend and Baby Mama Joanne Wood?

Learn About Busta Rhymes’ Ex-Girlfriend and Baby Mama Joanne Wood?

Trevor George Smith Jr., best known as Busta Rhymes, was born on May 20, 1972. Busta Rhymes is an American musician, singer, record producer, and rapper who is recognized for his bizarre fashion sense and rapping technique.

Busta Rhymes is an 11-time Grammy nominee who has made a name for himself in the music industry. But he’s also known for his scandalous romance with Joanne Wood, his boyhood sweetheart, and baby mom. Let’s take a look at Joanne Wood, Busta Rhymes’ ex-girlfriend.

Who is Joanne Wood, Busta Rhymes’ ex-girlfriend, and baby mama?

Relationships are as difficult to understand as sexuality. Both require critical thinking and in-depth knowledge. As a result, if a person has a proclivity for ignoring issues, things may become tense. This is what happened between Busta Rhymes, the singer of The Coming, and Joanne Wood, his ex-girlfriend.

Busta Rhymes’ ex-girlfriend is a reclusive individual. Rhymes’ Instagram is the source of this image.

Joanne Wood, the mother of Busta Rhymes’ three children, remains a mystery. She exists in the world, yet she is not visible to the rest of the world. Rhymes’ ex-girlfriend is taking every precaution to keep her personal information private and lives a calm life away from the spotlight.

Even today, there is no purpose in occupying the headlines because the couple’s history extends back to their high school years and their years-long love had shallow confinement. As a result, we hope that Busta Rhymes’ ex-girlfriend Joanne is doing well.

Not Once, But Three Times A Failed Proposal

Busta Rhymes and Joanne Wood have a long history together, dating back to their high school days. The duo was diametrically opposed since the celebrity, Busta Rhymes, was still known as Trevor at the time and was a harsh want tobe rapper. Rhymes’ ex-girlfriend Wood, on the other hand, was a modest young lady.

Despite their differences, the pair dated for a long period, ignoring their flaws. Busta Rhymes proposed to his ex-girlfriend three separate times. “Yes!” was invariably the response. However, fate intervened in their instance, and the pair was never able to walk down the aisle.

Despite the difficulties, the couple moved from being high school sweethearts to parents to three children.

Busta Rhymes’ ex-girlfriend has three children with him.

Busta Rhymes and Joanne Wood, the previous couple, we’re unable to walk down the aisle, but they relished the parental bliss. During their decade-long romance, Rhymes’ baby mom, Joanne, gave birth to three gorgeous children.

T’ziah Wood-Smith, Rhymes’ elder son, was born on February 26, 1993. He has matured into a fine young man and is now a professional basketball player. He now plays men’s basketball for the Quinnipiac Bobcats.

T’Khi Wood-Smith, Busta and Joanne Wood’s second child, was born in 1999. He aspires to be a football player and, like his mother, Jonne, prefers a quiet life.

Trillian Wood-Smith, Busta Rhymes’ youngest son, was born in 2001 and is most likely to follow in his father’s footsteps into the music industry. Offspring are supposed to bring two individuals closer than ever before, but Busta Rhymes and Joanne Wood didn’t make the cut.

A relationship that has been estranged

Busta and Joanne have been together since high school, as we’ve mentioned a million times. When Busta was simply Trevor, a slum kid dreaming of breaking the Billboards, they were together. As a result, it’s only natural that they end up together and live happily ever after. Right?

Wrong. If everything went according to plan, the world would be a tranquil place. Similarly, the aspiring rapper was gaining notoriety but losing trust in the relationship. It was collapsing, just like Busta’s career hype.

Busta Rhymes’ career took off in the early 1990s with his Leaders of The New School comrades. It’s never simple to achieve fame and success if it gets into one’s head. Busta’s relationship with ex-girlfriend Joanne Wood was strained to the point where they began seeing other people as his career took off.

Rhymes’ ex-girlfriend even admitted to cheating on her spouse but said it wasn’t with a woman.

A Difficult Custody Battle

The worst-case scenario for parents is custody disputes. The entire procedure is traumatic in and of itself, but it gets even more so when the private matter is made public.

Busta Rhymes and Joanne Woods were involved in a four-year custody fight. The legal process was long and tedious, but it became even more so when Busta Rhymes made an inappropriate reference to his baby mom.

When Busta Rhymes decided to declare his former girlfriend, Joanne, useless, the long and tumultuous custody battle became a hot issue. Despite this, the judge in Nassau County Family Court, Burton Joseph, ruled that Rhymes was a better parent than Joanne Wood. As a result, Busta Rhymes emerged victorious in the bitter custody battle.

Baby Mama of Busta Rhymes Is a Lesbian

Throughout the four-year custody battle, Busta Rhymes was a harsh critic of his children’s mother, Joanne Wood.

Joanne Wood, Busta Rhymes’ ex-girlfriend, came out as a lesbian. Busta, the songwriter, despises Wood for abandoning him for a woman, and it has harmed his ego. Although we may understand Busta’s rage, does spending a part of his life with Joanne entitle him to openly trash her?

Busta Rhymes, on the other hand, called Joanne a “worthless mother” and refused to pay child support over the airwaves of a New York City radio station. Rhymes’ wrathfully coated comment came just one day before the release of his TheBig Bang album in 2009.

As previously said, Joanne Wood stated that she never cheated on Busta with a woman, but she also stated that he had to learn, particularly from the man-b$tch lesbian.’ She assumed the vulgarity was directed at her because she was a lesbian, not because she was a horrible mother.

Busta Rhymes and Joanne Wood are currently living completely separate lives. Intriguingly, rapper Busta Rhymes has daughters from a variety of baby moms.

Let’s hope Joanne Wood, Busta Rhymes’ ex-girlfriend, has reconciled with her former partner and forgotten about their conflict.

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