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Lavell Crawford explains why his father abandoned his family.

Lavell Crawford explains why his father abandoned his family.

Lavell Crawford, a comedian, is a devoted father. LJ Crawford, his son from his marriage to DeShawn Crawford, is the couple’s only child.

And although the Breaking Bad actor has established himself as a unique father over the years, he did not have the same upbringing as a child.

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When Lavell was a small child, his father, Daryl Crawford, abandoned his family.

Then, his mother Annita Crawford raised him and his sisters by herself.

The 52-year-old comedian explained to DJ Vlad in April 2017 why his father abandoned his family. He said that his father was gay, but instead of coming out, he opted to flee because he was afraid.

He said, “My father is queer. “He emerged from the closet, and he did flee. We hadn’t seen him in like 20 or so years.

He went on to say that the family didn’t discover his father’s homosexuality until he returned more than twenty years later.

Lavell also humorously admitted during the open discussion that he didn’t know how to respond if he discovered the truth. He also found it hard to believe that his father left for only that reason.

The native of St. Louis recalled asking his father after he returned if that was “the reason why you stayed gone.” He added that his wife DeShawn had persuaded him to accept the reality, saying:

Daryl was married to a white man when the family first got in touch with him. However, the family gathering was brief because he passed away in 2015.

He was a competitive bodybuilder who competed in a number of bodybuilding events before his passing, including the 2011 NPC Masters Nationals.

Declares himself to be “Momma’s Boy”

Lavell has a very particular place in his heart for his mother, Annita, because she was the one who reared him. He frequently posts her photos on social media and refers to himself as a “momma’s boy.”

In one case, he wrote a message honoring her on her birthday on August 20, 2020. Thanking her for never losing up on him, he sent her his best wishes. He also expressed gratitude to Jesus for providing him with a “mommy” like her.

On the 2015 Mother’s Day special episode of Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show, Lavell also discussed his mother.

He declared, “I’m a mommy’s son and I’m wanting to see who else loves their momma.”

The Family Man, Lavell

A 10-year-old kid is born to the supporting comic and his wife, who runs an internet shop.

Since their marriage in 2009, the couple has been together. 2011 saw the birth of their lone child.

Lavell frequently includes his wife and son in his social media posts, demonstrating the contentment with which the three members of the family reside.