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Late Actor John Witherspoon’s Children That He Had With His Wife Angela Robinson-Witherspoon

Late Actor John Witherspoon’s Children That He Had With His Wife Angela Robinson-Witherspoon

John Witherspoon, the late actor, was the father of two children. Alexander Witherspoon and John David Witherspoon were his two sons. John and his wife Angela Robinson-Witherspoon had two children together. The former couple married in 1988 and have remained together ever since.

John was an American actor and comedian who had been in scores of television shows and films. He was most recognized for his appearance in the stoner comedy film Friday as Willie Jones. Unfortunately, the actor passed away on October 29, 2019 in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California.

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In the Footsteps of His Father, John David Witherspoon

John David Witherspoon, John Witherspoon’s son, is a stand-up comedian. There is no doubt in my mind that the son followed in his father’s footsteps. On Facebook Live, David hosts Confetti, a trivia program. The stand-up comedian has announced that he will now take over his late father’s Twitter account.

David is also well-known on Instagram, where he has about 130K followers as of October 2019. He paid an emotional homage to his father on Instagram after his death.

Son, you should be proud of yourself. According to David,

It appears that the son appreciated his father’s work ethic and intends to live up to his name.

Alexander Witherspoon is the eldest of the Witherspoon siblings.

Alexander Witherspoon, John Witherspoon’s eldest son, is the family’s eldest sibling. With his parents and younger sibling, Alexander used to attend several annual celebrations and celebrity gatherings. He used to be in the spotlight of the media for a while.

Both of John Witherspoon’s children seemed to have a strong bond with him. Alamy is the source of this image.

Things have changed since then, and he now chooses a low-key existence. Alexander, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy being with his parents and sibling.

John Witherspoon’s Co-Stars Sent Heartfelt Condolences to His Late Actor Name Meaning: John Witherspoon’s Children

Alexander Witherspoon: Alexander is a Greek male given name made from of the parts Alexin and Andros. As a result, it has the dual connotation of “defender or helper of mankind.”

John David Witherspoon is a masculine name with a Hebrew origin that means “God is kind.” His middle name, David, is a boy’s name with Biblical Hebrew roots that means “beloved.”

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