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La La Anthony Net Worth Vs Carmelo Anthony Net Worth – Income And Earning Sources

La La Anthony Net Worth Vs Carmelo Anthony Net Worth – Income And Earning Sources

Carmelo Anthony, a pro basketball player, and Carmelo Anthony, a television personality, are both successful in their respective fields. La La and Carmelo are making millions of dollars from their separate careers, in addition to gaining widespread fame. They are a financial powerhouse when they work together.

Lala Anthony’s net worth is projected to be $30 million, while her now-ex-husband Carmelo Anthony’s net worth is estimated to be $160 million, according to reports. So, how do the estranged husband and wife earn such a large sum of money?

Let’s have a look at their sources of income and salaries from their separate fields of employment.

La La Anthony’s Salary And Net Worth

La La Anthony, as previously said, is a multi-millionaire television personality. Her numerous work routes, including her position as a producer, beauty entrepreneur, and many more, have earned her millions in addition to her television appearances. So, how much money does she make from all of them?

Her Earnings From Her Film Industry Career

La La Anthony’s net worth is primarily derived from her work in the American entertainment industry. She is currently a well-known TV hostess, actress, and producer who has appeared in a number of TV shows, radio programs, and films.

La La presented shows like Direct Effect, Future Flavas, and Total Request Live as a TV and radio host. Carson Daly, according to Forbes, earned $100,000 for presenting MTV’s Total Request Live for a year. As a result, La La might have been compensated similarly for hosting the same show.

La La Anthony has also made a fortune as an actress, having appeared in a number of films and television shows. The following are some of the films in which La La appeared, along with their box office gross:

Films Box Office Collection
Two Can Play That Game (2001) $22,391,450
Baggage Claim (2013) $22,871,096
Think Like A Man (2012) $96,070,507

In addition, La La worked as a producer on Mike Tyson’s documentary, Tyson. She also collaborated on a feature film with Brett Ratner. La La also acted in and executive produced the film La La’s Full Court Wedding. The months leading up to La La Anthony’s marriage to Carmelo Anthony was recorded in the reality documentary series.

Her cosmetics line and other business ventures provide her with a steady stream of income.

La La Anthony generates money from her cosmetic and clothing company in addition to her work as a producer, actress, and host. In February 2012, she launched her cosmetic collection with Motives by Loren Ridinger. La La started her clothes brand in 2013 as well.

The following are some of La La Anthony’s clothes and beauty collections, along with their prices:

Aside from them, La La Anthony adds to her bank account by selling her novels. She is the author of two books, The Love Playbook (2014) and The Power Playbook (2015). (2015). Her first book is priced at $18.28 in hardcover, while her second is priced at $16.98.

As a result, La La Anthony’s involvement in a variety of economic sectors has enabled her to amass a sizable sum of money and live a lavish lifestyle.

Carmelo Anthony’s Salary And Net Worth

While La La Anthony is raking in millions of dollars through a variety of businesses, her estranged husband, Carmelo Anthony, is nearly three times as wealthy. Though his main source of revenue is his NBA career, he is also involved in a number of other businesses.

So, let’s see how much Mr. Anthony made from his NBA pay alone, as well as what his other sources of income are.

As a professional basketball player, you can earn a lot of money.

Carmelo Anthony, like many other professional basketball players, earns millions of dollars through the wages and sponsorships he receives as a result of his contracts with various basketball clubs. His first NBA team was the Denver Nuggets, which he joined in 2003 and remained with until 2011. He then went on to play for the New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets, and Portland Trail Blazers, among others.

Carmelo Anthony’s NBA salary alone is said to have earned him roughly $260 million to date. Though his first pay with the Nuggets is unknown, his five-year contract with the franchise after the 2005-06 season was for $80 million. He did, however, opt out of the contract after the fourth year and joined the New York Knicks.

The earnings from Carmelo Anthony’s contracts with various basketball teams are listed below.

Team Earnings In Total
Denver Nuggets $53 million
New York Knicks $136 million
Oklahoma City Thunder $26 million
Atlanta Hawks $25.5 million
Houston Rockets $182K

Carmelo Anthony is now a member of the Portland Trail Blazers. His current salary with the Trail Blazers is $2.5 million, according to reports.

Various Other Sources of Income

Carmelo Anthony receives money from a variety of sources in addition to the NBA. He earns money via participating on TV shows as a guest star, appearing in music videos, and appearing on magazine covers. He also receives remuneration from numerous shoe deals and business venture collaborations.

Carmelo Anthony earns enough money from many sources to be able to donate millions to those in need. Carmelo Anthony/Facebook. Image source: Carmelo Anthony/Facebook.

Carmelo Anthony got his first shoe deal with Jordan in 2003, earning $3.5 million per year through 2009. In 2016, he collaborated with the auto racing company Hemelgarn Racing to campaign a car driven by P. J. Chesson, a race car driver.

In addition, Anthony has been the owner of Puerto Rico FC, an NASL expansion team, since 2015. He spearheaded a $5 million financing round in Nobody’s Pizza in 2018, with plans to expand the brand to many stores around the country.

Real Estate of Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony purchased a 21,000 sq. ft. mansion in Denver for $12 million in 2007 while playing for the Denver Nuggets and the real estate market was at its pinnacle. Three years later, Anthony put it on the market for $9.5 million. He eventually sold the house for $6.2 million, a loss of over $6 million.

Carmelo Anthony then spent $11 million on a new five-bedroom condo in New York City in 2015. However, after five years, he decided to sell the home for $12.85 million.

Controversies in Anthony’s Life

Carmelo Anthony has previously been involved in a number of issues, including marijuana possession and driving problems. He was also suspended for 15 games by the NBA in 2004 for his role in the infamous Knicks-Nuggets fight. It cost him his job as well as thousands of dollars for a time.

Anthony, however, paid $1000 in court costs and fines after pleading guilty to driving while legally inebriated in 2008.

Both La La and Carmelo Anthony are involved in charitable endeavors.

La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony, the former spouse, are involved in charity endeavors. The La La Land, Inc. Foundation was founded by La La Anthony. She started the organization to make a difference in the lives of inner-city children by providing them with better possibilities and educational opportunities that they otherwise would not have.

Carmelo Anthony, meanwhile, is involved in a number of charitable endeavors and donates millions of dollars to help children, youth, and those in need. He gave $1.5 million to the Living Classrooms Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with youngsters, children, and adults in the East Baltimore region, a few years ago.

Furthermore, after the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake, which resulted in a tsunami in Indonesia, Carmelo gave $35K to relief efforts. He also donated $3 million to Syracuse University for the creation of a basketball practice facility. Carmelo Anthony was ranked eighth on the ‘The Giving Back 30 List of Largest Philanthropic Donations by Celebrities in 2016’, with charitable contributions totaling $4,282,000 at the time.

Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony’s marriage is coming to an end.

Carmelo Anthony and his wife La La Anthony have been married since 2010. They also have a son, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, who was born on March 7, 2007. However, it appears that the two are unhappy in their marriage. La La recently filed for divorce from Carmelo Anthony, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split. The petition was filed after the couple had split up, reunited, and then split up again.

There has been no mention of alimony, but they claim the split is amicable.

Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony, on the other hand, are each worth millions of dollars. Both are rising to stardom and amassing multi-million dollar fortunes. Despite the fact that the power couple is on the verge of divorcing, we wish them happiness.

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