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Kyle Kuzma and his girlfriend Winnie Harlow don’t hold back when it comes to expressing their love for one another on social media.

Kyle Kuzma and his girlfriend Winnie Harlow don’t hold back when it comes to expressing their love for one another on social media.

Kyle Kuzma and his girlfriend Winnie Harlow don’t hold back when it comes to flaunting their love on social media.

The rumor mill started churning out suspicions about Kuzma and Harlow’s relationship last year. After keeping their relationship a secret for a long time, former America’s Next Top Model confirmed the dating rumors by sharing a provocative photo of herself standing with the basketball player.

The above photo, which lacked a caption, showed Harlow and Kuzma posing in an intimate posture, leaving the viewer to fill in the blanks. Everyone was taken aback by the provocative photo, including beauty queen Kylie Jenner, who said, “Ok, ok!”

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Making Their Relationship Official on Instagram

Kuzma has 5.1 million Instagram followers, but his girlfriend has an impressive 8.5 million. Despite the lack of explanations, the couple isn’t scared of PDA, making it simpler for their fans to analyze their photos.

In her ‘Instagram Stories,’ Harlow shared a sweet photo of herself holding hands with Kuzma, keeping things PG. Harlow’s boyfriend shared a photo of her on a private jet, staring at a phone, on his Instagram account.

Kuzma has been seen on Harlow’s Instagram several times. She uploaded a photo of them on a beach in June of last year, leaving their followers in the dark about their relationship. When a photo of them holding hands while strolling across L.A. came online in May 2020, they were initially linked.

The couple acknowledged their love by exchanging ‘Happy Valentine’s Day messages on social media. Kuzma published a number of photos of them standing together, being silly, and even a suitcase with “Winnie” scrawled all over it on his Instagram account.

On Valentine’s Day, Harlow made sure to make her lover feel special by uploading a flurry of photos of the two of them posing together.

The post was beautiful, even though it came a day after Kuzma wished her a Happy Valentine’s Day on Instagram.

The couple made their romance public by posting many photos of them getting intimate on Instagram. Since last year, when allegations of them dating surfaced online, they appear to be inseparable.

Using Social Media to Send Birthday Greetings

Harlow posted a series of images to her Instagram account in July 2020 while on vacation in Mexico for her 26th birthday. The Canadian model was wearing a blue bikini at the Nobu Los Cabos resort.

In the caption part of the photo, Kuzma wrote, “Hawt tamales.” He also sent nice shoutouts to his “Lillll baybee” on social media.

Page Six stated that Harlow had a plane fly over for Kuzma’s birthday, who was in the NBA bubble in Orlando at the time, with a beautiful message that read, “Happy Birthday King Kuz, I love you — Winnie.”

Their Past Relationships

According to Metro, Kuzma met Harlow at a Fashion Week party in September 2019. They began dating in April and made the decision to live together throughout the Coronavirus outbreak.

The NBA’s 25-year-old rising star has a history of dating well-known ladies. He had previously been linked to actress Vanessa Hudgens, but sources later denied the reports, claiming that they were simply pals.

Harlow, on the other hand, dated rapper Wiz Khalifa before being linked to Kuzma romantically. Aside from that, she was linked to Lewis Hamilton, the Formula One champion.