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Kristin McGee, a well-known yoga instructor, files for divorce from her husband Tim O’Shea

Kristin McGee, a well-known yoga instructor, files for divorce from her husband Tim O’Shea

On June 17, 2021, Kristin McGee, a well-known yoga instructor, filed for divorce from her husband Timothy O’Shea, an investment banker.

According to Page Six, throughout their nearly 12-year marriage, the couple had three sons: Timothy, Robert, and William.

The yoga instructor’s native state of Idaho is where the couple exchanged vows in 2009.

The outlet also claimed that O’Shea flatly denied their request for remarks, whereas McGee and her attorney did not respond.

Pilates introduced Kristin McGee’s husband Timothy O’Shea into her life.

According to a blog post from 2009, McGee and her husband first met in 2007 after one of her clients set them up. She penned,

She remembered what had happened before she met O’Shea.

It all started in April 2007 when McGee visited Sun Valley, Idaho, a ski resort close to her childhood home. McGee’s clientele includes celebrities like Emilia Clarke, Tina Fey, and Bethenny Frankel.

She made time to go spring skiing when she was there over the Easter holiday.

You can attribute it to chance or fate. Teresa, a client from the East Coast who just so happened to live nearby, called her over for a private consultation.

Textbook Romance

McGee undoubtedly went to Teresa’s. When they were midway through a session on an ab series, Teressa suddenly stood up and said, “Tim O’Shea!”

McGee responded appropriately, “Tim O’huh?”

After gathering her thoughts, Teresa continued.

McGee received a call from O’Shea that evening.

They both agreed to date despite being equally startled and mildly fascinated by how things were developing.

The banker promised to travel to New York after she returned from her trip because O’Shea was located in Boston and McGee was in New York at the time.

On their second date, she remembered that he kissed her, and that was it. They then dated long-distance for some time, which involved numerous bus trips from New York to Boston and the other way around.

Timothy O’Shea and Kristin McGee were wed in Sun Valley.

When the couple was out skiing in Sun Valley in December 2008, O’Shea proposed, and she said yes!

It took the couple a year to organize the wedding, and Sun Valley seemed like the ideal location to say “I do.” They made arrangements for the ceremony to take place in the Golf Lodge’s clubhouse, which offered a breathtaking view of Mount Baldy.

The River Run Lodge, at the foot of the mountain, was to host the reception.

In 2019, Kristin McGee and her spouse celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary.

At the age of 41, the famous instructor celebrated her tenth anniversary on December 19, 2019, and even posted a sweet collection of images from their wedding on Instagram to mark the occasion.

She noted at the time that the journey had been enjoyable, if occasionally rocky, but it had been well worth it.

The caption concluded with her raising a glass to the memories they had shared together, the family they had formed, and the years they would spend pushing one another to the limit.

Sadly, the pair will soon be suing one another as of this writing in August 2021.